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Hold It!

I seek my contentment and peace without apologies because it can’t be purchased and it’s so easy to lose in today’s world.

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when you’ve been pierced
by the blunt edge of pain
you will know that
the sharp sweetness of joy
is far better to hold
close to your chest.



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I am literally pausing and going on the slow this weekend to smell the roses, coffee, freshly mown grass and all the wonderful blends out there.

I have been running on full steam all week, pausing to catch fleeting whiffs of a smell now and again, but the ache in a shoulder tells me that it’s time to apply the brakes, to exhale and pamper myself with a weekend rest so that I don’t grow weary and feel faint, lest I find myself in need of smelling salts.

Keeping it brief, enjoy your weekend. Do find time to put up your feet and inhale the wonderful smell of life deeply.


Smell – SoCS

P.S. We’ll be having a Welcome to June blog party on 31st May/1st June. Dust your dancing shoes 🙂

Tuesday Trickles.. My Thinking Corner # 20..

Every Tuesday, I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‘My Thinking Corner.’

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add my link to your post.

I call it my thinking corner because, I actually take out a bit of time just to think through things, encapsulate my thoughts as much as possible and detoxify my mind. It helps give me clarity of vision and might help you too.

It might work for you in a different way, but the idea is to get the positive thoughts flowing.

Please send in your little thoughts. You never know whose life you might inspire.


Today, I will share some proverbs with you.

♦ It is when you say I have reached my destination, that you should watch your steps lest you stumble.

♦ My people say that when you wake up is your morning, which means that whenever you start to pursue your purpose is good enough. I however, say that you should desist from oversleeping and waking at night, lest you may never see any morning.

♦ The fruits of the harvest can be identified from its seed. What seed are you sowing in your life and the life of others in your circle of influence?

♦ When you dim your light, please remember that you are probably leaving some people in the dark.

♦ You can’t afford to sleep when you are riding your bicycle called life.

Today’s thoughts came in from beautiful thinkers:

Yesterday’s dreams, today’s reality Oba’s reality of dreams of yester-years is delightful. Dreams do come true when you latch on and go through the process. Are you latching on?

Sow Positive Seeds Such a beautiful quote from Dehan: When your soul is filled with positive thoughts it blooms…

Friendship  what manner of friend are you? Are you a friend or foe or frenemy? It’s worth knowing…

Continue the journey Don’t tarry in the valley of despair, hold on, hold on…my dear Noififre says it so well.

Today’s Nuggets are for you, take your pick…

Leadership Do you know what you are doing? Are you a leader? What is your vision…a short thought from Modupe.

New Sweet, absolute and unshakeable truth from Rosema.

My thought for the week from life mutated…

If you find your body to be up in arms sit back, relax on your bed and quietly explore your imagination for inspiration.
If you find your mind being uncooperative, I take those ideas and bring them to life.

I hope that you find these little drops useful now and again. Do check them out and please share snippets of your thoughts with us.

Thanks and blessed be.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Let us PRAY…


We thank you Lord for days and times such as these ones;

For your constant shield through life’s challenges.

You raise us, from deep places of despair, doubt and regret;

To higher grounds of Faith, Grace and Hope.

From places of discontentment;

To the overflow of fulfillment.

May our tedious tests become uplifting testimonies.

May the meditation of our hearts and mouths;

Be acceptable before you Lord.

May your blessings that come from the Deep and the Four winds;

Be ours today and always.


Prayer 2

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha