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Dealing With Stress When Life Becomes Too Much

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I think if you manage to live life without feeling any stress, then you’re a superhuman and should be showered with medals and awards. It’s near enough impossible not to be overcome by stress in the modern world. There’s always something to worry about, something to make you anxious at all times. Your stress can build for months, even years, on end before you eventually just crack and it all becomes too much for you.

How can you deal with all the stress in your life before it takes its toll and pushes you towards an imminent breakdown? It’s tough, but you’ll be glad to know some ideas can help you lower your stress levels and cope with life before it gets too much for you. Here are some ideas I think you’ll benefit from.

Find Your Happy Place

Everyone has a happy place. It’s that place where they just feel more relaxed and happy than usual. For some people, their happy place is lying in bed listening to music. For others, it’s spending time with their children or going outside to exercise. We’ve all got that place where we feel comfortable with life. It’s crucial that you find your happy place and retreat to it as often as you can. It gives you a break from the stressors of life and lets you feel happy for periods every day. Even a brief stint in your happy place can clear your thoughts and help you live a more peaceful life.

Go To Therapy

The mere thought of therapy gets some people recoiling and puts them on the defensive foot. I think there’s this misconception that therapy is for people with severe mental problems or something. But, if you’re stressed, it can do wonders for you and your mind. There are many different ways you can go to therapy, as it shows on this site, you can have group sessions as part of a partial hospitalization program. Or, you can go to a specific therapist on your own and talk to them. Either way, speaking about your feelings and getting advice is one of the best ways you can relieve stress.

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Let Your Emotions Go

Possibly the worst thing you can do when stressed is bottle up your emotions. So many people do this to try and hide the way they’re feeling. Young men are particularly guilty of this, but it applies to us women too. The more you bottle things up, the bigger the emotional explosion will be when you have a breakdown. Instead, don’t be afraid to let your emotions go. If you feel like crying, have a good cry and let it all out. If you’re angry, then let your anger out on a punching bag or pillow. Just don’t keep everything bottled up, it will do more harm than good.

I truly hope that the advice here will help anyone that’s feeling a bit down and stressed. By actively trying to deal with your stress, you’ll go a long way to avoiding a big emotional and mental breakdown.



29 thoughts on “Dealing With Stress When Life Becomes Too Much

  1. My body does not handle stress well. Lately I’ve had a lot of headaches, stomachache and a rash that has covered my body even my scalp. My high blood pressure has gotten worse.

    Obviously one cannot avoid the workplace. I try to keep to myself as much as possible and zone out. I live for the weekends. The other 5 days I just drag myself through. However the Silver lining is that I will retire this year.

    Since I have a bad temper Therapy does not work for me. In fact back in 2015 after I got out of the hospital with my bag of happy pills I got into fights with my doctors and my therapist. I was asked to leave. I could have been arrested. So No more therapy. Never went back and I don’t regret quitting because neither the doctors nor the therapist had any understanding or what I was going through and did not even try. My work schedule is unpredictable so I cannot keep regular appointments with any type of doctors. Plus I have never found a doctor that will work with my schedule. Rather than waste my money I just look forward to being happy on the weekends.

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      1. Yes. True. My Body is always in Fight or Flight response at the job. I see why so many of my coworkers have died from heart attack, stroke and cancer over the past ten years. Jobs are designed to kill so the government does not have to pay social security and the workplace gets to keep all the pension money.


      2. Maybe. As the Black Church says at funerals You go from Labor to Reward. This earth is constant suffering and Heaven is my Reward. It’s like watching a TV show as my health continues to decline. I must face reality.


  2. Great post.
    I try not to worry about things that are not in my control and don’t worry about things that I can do. One at a time. As you said, we are not super human. It works for me but drives my wife nuts😊

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  3. Stress is a part of so many diseases. People need to take it more seriously but our society doesn’t support it in general. It’s go, go,go and if you want a time out sometimes people can’t find support. But I hope and pray they do.


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