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Featured Posts # 13… Let me share your post links.


Today’s featured blogs are:

Sunday giggles From Stella. It’s nothing but the truth.

Upward Spiral Introducing Michelle, she is a newbie in our midst. Please show some welcome and love 🙂

Meet Aunt Delma from Oneta I bet you had one feisty and beautiful lady in your life like Aunt Delma.

Lidija’s kitchen step into Lidija’s abode for yummy offerings that will whet your appetite.

Mandibelle is one of my favourite persons in this place. Need I say much? She is a very supportive friend and a brilliant writer too.

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‘We create a cohesive community when we come together.’

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Midnight Musings and Motivations #26…


Opportunities don’t run up and hug us as we traipse down the alley of nothingness.

Opportunity has to find us doing, for it to turn up and when it does turn up, do we recognize it?

It comes in many forms and a whole lot of times, it may not come wrapped in a nice box with bows and flowers.

Do we stand in the way of our own progress with all the road blocks that we inflict on our path, waiting for an opportunity that will land in our laps while we sit on the rocking chair going back and forth and gossiping about the neighbour?

Sometimes, we have to push ourselves out of the rocking chair to get where we want to go.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Midnight Motivations and Musings… 25


We over plan for tomorrow, yet today has been left with so many gaps unfilled.

How do you guarantee that you have tomorrow at hand?

Did you use your today to the best of it’s ability? Note that I said, ‘it’s ability, not your ability.’

Remember that each day that passes is forever lost to us.

Therefore, in all that you do; work, play, rest, love, care, share and the rest of things humans do, do it to the best of your ability and the full capacity of your day.

Our lives are only worth what we make of it and it’s not the length of one’s days that really matter, but the depth of how they lived.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Share Your Cookies With Me….Sharing Is Caring.

Sculpted from dark chocolate. Cool art :-)

Sculpted from dark chocolate. Cool art 🙂

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Midnight Motivations and Musings #24


So many latent talents lies in each and every one of us, so it always surprises me when someone says that they don’t have any talents.

That is an absolute lie. Every human was created equipped with a store house of dormant talents waiting to be tapped.

Some are out-rightly glaring in the face of the bearer and everybody around them, while some talents have to be discovered, developed and honed to bring out it’s optimum potential.

The more an iron is rubbed on a grinding stone, the sharper it becomes. When these potentials are not explored, the natural tendency is that it well remain stunted and never mature to any fruitful stage.

Some are simply too lazy to want to bother taking the time to think and find out that thing that really makes their heart sing.

In some cases, some move with whatever seems to be in vogue at that point in time.

Just because everybody else is doing it does not make it fit or right for you.

At the end of the day, when the movement becomes directionless and like driftwood, frustration sets in, time passes by and they wonder what happened to their lives.

It’s never too late to find and enjoy the talents that have been poured into you. Age notwithstanding.

It’s only too late when life is gone and the grave yard becomes the depository of potentials which have been allowed to go to waste.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. check the word talent and latent… can you see that they both spell the same.

Featured Blogs # 11…..Let’s create a fine chain


Today’s featured blogs are:

Life’s a pot pourri I like pot pourri’s. Keeps things interesting.  Introducing beautiful Sneha. Please show some love.

Read between the Lyme I find B’s positive attitude in the face of the challenge of living with Lyme disease very uplifting.

New 2 writing KL wears several writing ideas on her head and I enjoy her historical recounts a lot. History was one of my best subjects back in the days of school.

The Feathered Forest  Introducing Roaming Urban Gypsy. A creative photography web blog.

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Midnight Musings and Meditations 23…


Money is one touchy subject that a lot of people love to hate and hate to love. Most people don’t like being told how to manage their money.

The Truth is that we can’t avoid money. It’s been the legal tender through the ages, in so many forms that has evolved over time and is behind a whole lot of misery and content in our lives.

Money is a servant and just a means of arriving at a goal. It should never be placed in the position of a master, because he can become  a slave driver, a greedy grubber and a controlling entity once given the opportunity.

With the introduction of credit in the society, it has forged a controlling circle over people’s lives, where people are living consistently above their affordable means by the euphoric idea of buy now and pay later.

By the end of the month, most people’s accounts are in deficit because all the payments has gone in and they hardly have two coins left to rub together, thus the vicious cycle of chasing after the elusive monetary wealth continues.

Until, we conscientiously and actively learn to curb the expense and keep to the absolute needs as against the wants, we will remain in a limbo.

There are so many ways of practicing thrift asides from cutting coupons and it might surprise us how much better off we would be, if we care to throw away some spending practice that burns holes in our pockets.

A borrower will always remain a servant at the beck and call of the lender. May your money be a good servant and not a grinding master.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha