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Midnight Musings and Meditations 23…


Money is one touchy subject that a lot of people love to hate and hate to love. Most people don’t like being told how to manage their money.

The Truth is that we can’t avoid money. It’s been the legal tender through the ages, in so many forms that has evolved over time and is behind a whole lot of misery and content in our lives.

Money is a servant and just a means of arriving at a goal. It should never be placed in the position of a master, because he can become  a slave driver, a greedy grubber and a controlling entity once given the opportunity.

With the introduction of credit in the society, it has forged a controlling circle over people’s lives, where people are living consistently above their affordable means by the euphoric idea of buy now and pay later.

By the end of the month, most people’s accounts are in deficit because all the payments has gone in and they hardly have two coins left to rub together, thus the vicious cycle of chasing after the elusive monetary wealth continues.

Until, we conscientiously and actively learn to curb the expense and keep to the absolute needs as against the wants, we will remain in a limbo.

There are so many ways of practicing thrift asides from cutting coupons and it might surprise us how much better off we would be, if we care to throw away some spending practice that burns holes in our pockets.

A borrower will always remain a servant at the beck and call of the lender. May your money be a good servant and not a grinding master.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

35 thoughts on “Midnight Musings and Meditations 23…

  1. Very good advice to keep in mind! These days I am usually very thrifty (because I have to be) — I am very good about finding sales at the grocery, and making food from scratch, and reusing and repairing whenever I can, and resisting buying clothes or other goods unless they are very necessary. And finding fun things to do that are free or very inexpensive, hooray!

    Until I start buying books. That is my downfall. And the worst is that I could go to the library and probably borrow many of these same books for free! But no, I get onto Amazon and next thing I know… Oh, it is bad. Which is all to say, thanks for the reminder to curb those urges, Jacqueline!

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    1. Joy I have the same issue with buying books. Mostly because I highlight and scribble on all of my non-fiction books. My friends always joke and say to me, “why don’t you just dip the book in yellow paint”…lol

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      1. LOL — I do the same thing, but with post-it notes. Someone once asked me, “Wouldn’t it be easier to put post-its on the pages you DON’T want to mark for later?”

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  2. Spot on! I’ve not used credit cards in many years. I only ever held two or three at a time, but I learned my lesson the hard way – twice. Even when I used credit cards, I knew that the use of credit cards was a big part of the problem with our economy.

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  3. This is a great post. There were so many things I wish I learned about personal finance that I know now. Maybe things would have been different, maybe not. Everything happens for a reason. Great point I like in your post is that money is a good servant, but a horrible master. Once we understand that, we are half way there (in my opinion).

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  4. I just paid off the little debt I had with my tax return and I’m soooo happy!! I haven’t been debt free for years due to a school loan that took a while to pay off. I moved it around to avoid as much interest as possible so I didn’t end up paying more than I had to. I do feel more free!! My plan is to use my cards and pay them monthly so I don’t carry a balance. I am used to being poor and that does come in handy, I’m keenly aware of my needs as opposed to my wants!!

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  5. Spot on, but it’s hard for some to resist when there are just so many material possession to ‘want’ these days. I’m sure people were happier when times were simpler without all this technology – that I’m using right now to talk to you, so all we can try to do is keep it minimal!


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