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Undaunted Belief – Midnight Motivation

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I’ve noticed that the greatest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not about luck, talent, intelligence, opportunity, resources. These factors are contributing factors to success, but it’s the belief that they can make their goals happen that makes the difference.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how big your dreams are or how talented you are. No matter what a person’s resources are, it is the work that they put in themselves that shifts their paradigm. People who make it despite their odds is dependent on their core beliefs and in the centre of that belief is ‘you.’

Expand your picture of your life and remain on the road of expansion.

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Midnight motivation and musings · VLogs

Midnight Motivation – You Can GET IT if You Really Want

How much do you want that change, that success that you desire? Wishing for it, dreaming about it is not enough.

You’ve got to put in a plan and put in the work. Self Mastery is the key to your growth and success.

If you are in search of ways to be the best you that are meant to be, to increase your productivity, live the life of your dreams, reach for your greatness and abundance, this is a space that you can visit anytime to get realistic, step by step tools on how to gain control of your life and to achieve your aspirations.

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Midnight motivation and musings · VLogs

The Power of The Hour – Midnight Motivation and Musings

Every day, we become the choices that we make. Our habits, our routines are the backbone and foundation of who we are and who we choose to become.

Simple routines can shape your life in an amazing way.

Tune in let’s talk about the Power of the Hour.

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Deal with your fears and live your life.

Fear is all in the mind. Don’t let the impulsive thoughts get in the way of your success. When you understand the root of your fear, the reason behind it, you overcome it. Face it today. Deal with it and thrive.

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My Thinking Corner – Talking To You

For My Thinking Corner of today, I wanted just to talk to you. Something different that I want to inculcate in my series. Thank you for watching and commenting.

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© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

They searched high, they searched low

In nooks and crannies, far and wide

They looked to find, dragging so much behind

Not knowing that within them is all that they are searching for


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Be Free…VLOG


May I live
Unafraid to breathe
Free from a choke-hold
That becomes a stronghold
May I live
Unafraid to live
Clinging to my expectations
With feral desperation

May I share space
Unafraid of being encased
Free from condemnation of race
That becomes a strong base
Purple, White, Olive, Black and every hue within
May I share space
Knowing that we are first a human race
…And all blood are red in this place.

May I speak of belief
Unafraid and in relief
Free from contentious eyes of disbelief
That becomes thresholds of grief
May I wear my mask of belief
Understanding that to achieve
Peace would be a welcome reprieve
…Which we must seek to retrieve.

May I love you
Unafraid to be bound to you
Free from censors of broken whispers
That becomes harbingers of cold shivers
May I love freely my love
Unafraid to expose my naked bust
Knowing that in you lies my trust
Encased in the warm embrace of your love.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Be Mine Part II…VLog

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It became a lighthearted dalliance
Of shared cups of coffee
And fleeting holding of hands
Of browsing books in used book stores
You loved those books
And I loved your delight
As your eyes twinkled in merriment
When you read aloud.
Your lips pursed in a slight crinkle of a smile
When you pronounced the naughty words
And my eyes glazed over, as I listened to the words of your mouth.

It moved to dinners and movies
As well as stolen kisses
With a hair brush forgotten, a tooth brush and a T shirt.
You wove your magic
And I became your enchanted, willing slave
To the altar we went.
Our hearts duly entwined
Our love consumed us like fiery flames
The good life was ours.

The days of twirling to your ritzy jazz
Your soft hum, bare-feet as you made your special pies
The curtain of each day closed
As we listened to the rhythm of the others thumping heart.
Of ordinary day’s nonsense
And day dreams that made sense
Of paying the bills and gentle laughter
Bicycle rides and grocery shopping
Of catching the train and hopping buses.

You decorated my life
With your flowery essence
The powdery smells and soft snuffles
Of babies followed
In one fell swoop, two gorgeous girls to behold
Two pairs of eyes that twinkle like yours
Like shiny pennies full of mischief
The train trundles along
They chuckle with each bounce
As they implore ‘Tell us again, Papa.’

They love the train journey’s and the story of our love
Of how we met and how we fell in love
Phoebe and Chloe are turning out
To look a lot like you, my darling
I always stare at these beautiful
Energetic blessings that you gave me
Seeing your stamp as their mother written all over them
My eyes mist over with the thoughts
It’s been four years since you’ve been gone
I still miss you with deep pangs that hurts within me
The laughter of these young ones
Console me as they drag me along
I forget you not
Forever, my darling.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Be Mine…Please Listen to this and tell me what you think..YouTube Vlog

The whiff of your perfume
curls around my senses
as you brush past to grab a seat
in your favoured spot.

My eyes light up in quivery anticipation
of all the sensations
that is associated with your presence

We always board the 6 pm train
Two strangers,You and I
Yet your figure has grown familiar
and your signature perfume
a fragrance I have come to know

It spoke of dusky Summer nights
and those soft rainy days.

Your bare-ringed finger
I have stared at for so long
Within me
I know that you are not spoken for

Your full red lips
Matches your red finger tips
I doubt you know how delectable you look
with your underlip caught between your teeth

The trundle of the train
causes us to sway gently
as we approach each stop

I know that I have to take the plunge now
for the urgency in me has grown into a huge lunge

You step out and I follow in haste
No longer willing to watch you through the windows
as we pull slowly away

Providence seems to be with me today
for your clicking heels catch on a stumble
and I rush to the rescue
a Prince to his fair maiden

For the first time
I catch you in my arms
Your breathing sigh 
and your breathless thank you
a worthy boon.

Hello I said to you.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

So what do you think? Is it a poem that can carry forward or should be left as is?

Please let me know your thoughts below.

Thank you. 🙂