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My Thinking Corner – Talking To You

For My Thinking Corner of today, I wanted just to talk to you. Something different that I want to inculcate in my series. Thank you for watching and commenting.

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Thank you and blessed be.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

They searched high, they searched low

In nooks and crannies, far and wide

They looked to find, dragging so much behind

Not knowing that within them is all that they are searching for



34 thoughts on “My Thinking Corner – Talking To You

  1. Hi Jacqueline, I enjoyed your first ever video! 🙂
    You’ve a good presenting style, the sound and picture are clear. You could add a little more light, but why pay for all the expensive equipment?
    Yes, we should live in the moment, appreciate and roughly plan the day. A good message.
    All the best, Faith and Oscar Dandelion xo

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  2. Go you !! i subscribe to some videos where the person records outside. Don’t know if that is an option for you, but judging from the photos you post there are some beautiful gardens where you live. Just a thought…..

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  3. Jacqueline how wonderful to hear your voice and see you in this video. It is perfect and definitely well presented. Your voice is charming and great to listen too. Wow, perfect woman…go for it! Self empowerment.

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  4. Jackie… are such a beautiful woman and I absolutely LOVE your accent. I sure hope you plan to do more videos in the future, you seem to be a natural at it. Your encouraging words are just incredible. Love what you’ve done to the blog as well!!!

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  5. How delightful to actually watch you pour the wisdom forth, dear Jacqueline! I too have been concentrating upon being in the present, taking up the moment so much so that the practice has dominated my work also. Finding like minds with new, fresh perspectives is always good. I especially appreciate the graveyard. Please don’t stop doing the videos, Sister.

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  6. Bye! Jacqueline I did have a nice day and am off to sleep, before going let me 👏 clap are you hearing. Your attempt to talk to us on the video is a good attempt and I just loved watching you talking. 👌👍
    You are an inspiration Dear!


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