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Be Mine…Please Listen to this and tell me what you think..YouTube Vlog

The whiff of your perfume
curls around my senses
as you brush past to grab a seat
in your favoured spot.

My eyes light up in quivery anticipation
of all the sensations
that is associated with your presence

We always board the 6 pm train
Two strangers,You and I
Yet your figure has grown familiar
and your signature perfume
a fragrance I have come to know

It spoke of dusky Summer nights
and those soft rainy days.

Your bare-ringed finger
I have stared at for so long
Within me
I know that you are not spoken for

Your full red lips
Matches your red finger tips
I doubt you know how delectable you look
with your underlip caught between your teeth

The trundle of the train
causes us to sway gently
as we approach each stop

I know that I have to take the plunge now
for the urgency in me has grown into a huge lunge

You step out and I follow in haste
No longer willing to watch you through the windows
as we pull slowly away

Providence seems to be with me today
for your clicking heels catch on a stumble
and I rush to the rescue
a Prince to his fair maiden

For the first time
I catch you in my arms
Your breathing sigh 
and your breathless thank you
a worthy boon.

Hello I said to you.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

So what do you think? Is it a poem that can carry forward or should be left as is?

Please let me know your thoughts below.

Thank you. 🙂

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Thankfully, it was flowers instead of rotten tomatoes…What I got up to in January and now.

Yes! I started my YouTube VLog Channel this January. It was something that I wanted to start doing a while back, but kept pushing it back and getting jittery until sometime last week, my little reminder that I set for myself prodded me after I had written a short poem in a restaurant.

Of course, the voice of procrastination tried to convince me to put if off till the next day when I would feel more comfortable but the little voice of encouragement within me asked ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’ What do you stand to gain? How would you feel if you don’t do it? Once I clarified these thoughts in my mind, I pressed the button.

One thing that I have learnt, is that there is never a perfect moment. It may never be perfect, but what I know for sure is that, you are the one that perfects your moments and days as much as you can. It didn’t turn out so badly and I got some decent feedback as well.

Why am I vlogging you may care to ask?

Asides from reading poetry, I want to use it as a platform to start working on my Inspiration and Motivational channel as a Lifestyle coach. However, it’s one day at a time and in stages. There are so many learning curves and things to be done.

Here is my second Vlog below, if you would like to listen and this is the link for the previous one just in case you missed it.


All that jazz.
I listen to the tinkles of the water
The thrums of the guitar
And the deep rhythm of the bass

No words said
You stare me in the eyes

The mirrored look
Caught within your pupils
Reverberates all the Love
Trapped inside

Aching to flow out
A syllable at a time.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Yay! My First Poetry Vlog 1… Please don’t throw tomatoes or your shoes at me ;)

♥ Love Rations ♥

When you batter me with the whip lash of your looks
And the coldness of your words,
My heart and soul shrivels from the lack of warmth.

As the icicles that drips from your eyes
Pierce my veins and leaves them frozen.

Your deliberate silence and denial
A negligence to my needs.

Your withdrawal of your love at will
Causes a ponder of thoughts.

If love is a chip to bargain with,
And we play chess with our hearts,
To determine who wins this game of shooting the darts.

Should your love be doled out in rations,
Dependent on my emotional engagement,
Or your emotional intelligence of the moment?

Taunting me with fast promises,
That fails to feel full.
Always leaving me with the need for some more.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Please click on the link to listen in and leave your candid thoughts, advice, constructive criticisms. Thank you