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Be Mine…Please Listen to this and tell me what you think..YouTube Vlog

The whiff of your perfume
curls around my senses
as you brush past to grab a seat
in your favoured spot.

My eyes light up in quivery anticipation
of all the sensations
that is associated with your presence

We always board the 6 pm train
Two strangers,You and I
Yet your figure has grown familiar
and your signature perfume
a fragrance I have come to know

It spoke of dusky Summer nights
and those soft rainy days.

Your bare-ringed finger
I have stared at for so long
Within me
I know that you are not spoken for

Your full red lips
Matches your red finger tips
I doubt you know how delectable you look
with your underlip caught between your teeth

The trundle of the train
causes us to sway gently
as we approach each stop

I know that I have to take the plunge now
for the urgency in me has grown into a huge lunge

You step out and I follow in haste
No longer willing to watch you through the windows
as we pull slowly away

Providence seems to be with me today
for your clicking heels catch on a stumble
and I rush to the rescue
a Prince to his fair maiden

For the first time
I catch you in my arms
Your breathing sigh 
and your breathless thank you
a worthy boon.

Hello I said to you.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

So what do you think? Is it a poem that can carry forward or should be left as is?

Please let me know your thoughts below.

Thank you. 🙂


45 thoughts on “Be Mine…Please Listen to this and tell me what you think..YouTube Vlog

  1. Ah, this is gorgeous, Jacqueline. I definitely believe you should take this further and write more about this couple. It’s a wonderful beginning to what may be the love story of the century. I closed my eyes as you read this and could imagine the whole scene from start to finish. It’s definitely a made-for-Hollywood romance story! Bravo! Oh, and what a gorgeous voice you have. Happy Valentine’s Day from Newfoundland, Canada 🙂

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  2. Fantastic poem, wonderfully romantic. It surprised me to realise you were taking the man’s voice right near the end though. I think it’s very good as it is, ending where it does, as is – but at the same time would love to see how you continue the poem-story. I had to close your blog page though and watch it on Youtube, then come back, as your background music drowned you out.not a problem really, I don’t mind a few extra clicks for you Jacquie 🙂

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  3. What I think? I think the poem sizzles. Damn, how I love love stories! It’s very real… something that can well happen on those buses, trains, or roads we take and ply daily… please continue! Thank you! 😀

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  4. I think it’s very well written. Lovely prose. It’s nice in its form as it is although it leaves room for growth 😉 This could be taken further by some extent, no matter what that may be. Although, I like it in its raw form as just a poem that leaves the reader to fill in the blanks as to what came after.
    Simply your choice to make my dearest! 😀

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  5. Playing catch-up and finally got to this video. Vey nice. I just wish you had looked INTO the camera instead of off to the side. By looking into the camera it gives more of an intimate feel, as if you were talking only to the watcher.

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