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Undaunted Belief – Midnight Motivation

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I’ve noticed that the greatest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not about luck, talent, intelligence, opportunity, resources. These factors are contributing factors to success, but it’s the belief that they can make their goals happen that makes the difference.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how big your dreams are or how talented you are. No matter what a person’s resources are, it is the work that they put in themselves that shifts their paradigm. People who make it despite their odds is dependent on their core beliefs and in the centre of that belief is ‘you.’

Expand your picture of your life and remain on the road of expansion.

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11 thoughts on “Undaunted Belief – Midnight Motivation

  1. The meaning of success for me has changed over time. I used to climb that corporate ladder. As a young woman in my 20s, 30s and early 40s I believed that I was destined for great things. Made all sorts of plans and was driven. However when the US economy began to crash around 2006 I found myself out of a job and my so-called career plans derailed. I did find another job as a museum security guard. Much less money. Definitely no career path. For a while I was ashamed. I did not want to tell people what I was doing for a living. Then I began to accept and adjust my attitude. Very few employers hire people over 50 so I was lucky to find any job. Though it is boring the job has health benefits which now that I’m past 50 I need. So I’ll be retiring. Maybe next year or in 2019. Depends. Now my health conditions do not permit me to be a full participant in the rat race. At this point in life I just want to live to see another year. Trust me once you start attending more funerals than weddings/baby showers your priorities change. Life is not a competition. Once this work phase of my life is over I’ll be happy to just Be. Believe me when I say I plan to sit back and do as little as possible. Freedom.

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  2. This is great, I love your commitment to help others transform their doubts and faulty beliefs. I always come away from your blog more enriched and expanded. Thank you.

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