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Finding Beauty Me Check out Finding Beauty Me Blog.

Finding Beauty Middle East is a go-to site for beauty lovers, travel enthusiasts, food lovers etc. The blog is quickly becoming a collective for people living the Beautiful Lifestyle from around the world.

…And Marge Laughed This is a short, sweet and heartwarming post. I love it and this what I had to say. Please visit and take a read. We all need sweet little reminders like this 🙂

What a heartwarming, adorable post. You are a gem Oneta. I can imagine that moment in time when you brought Marge some sunshine.

Pray for the Prez  Insightful and thoughtful post. Of what benefit would it be to a people when their Nation fails? I doubt very much because all sides get to suffer the shortfalls at the end of the day.

Wishful Wednesday Action I am loving this short, inspiring post. A good way to start your morning. Take a peek.

Mundane Photography I totally mundane find photos stimulating. You never know what you’ll see each day, so long as you open up your eyes and get out of your head a bit.

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