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Everything in life has a purpose, the good, the bad and the super ugly: I completely believe this even though sometimes we may not understand what’s going on at that point in time. All things work together for our own good.

Best home security for apartment living In today’s World, safety should not be undermined.

So if you’re currently living in an apartment or something similar, make sure you are well protected with this inexpensive home wireless security system. Or if you just happen to know someone who does, purchase a security system as a home warming gift or a gift for any occasion. You can’t lose when you provide someone with peace of mind and security!

Hopeful.  This short quote is just apt and uplifting. NEVER. GIVE UP HOPE.

Six-and-one = six, huh? I am so loving this post is all I can say. A short post filled with so much wisdom through life lessons.

The Lord’s Prayer This will surely plant a smile on your face today. Please read this young one’s offering 🙂

Be Fierce This sums up my plan for this year. Those this reflect your thoughts too?

Sober or Sound Insightful post filled with depth. Take a peek.

The frailty of life The fact that we’ve been given such an X amount of time in life and none of us knows when we are bowing out is the reason that we shouldn’t fail to live, love, learn as best as we can each day, for life is indeed frail.

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