What are you doing?

The quote above relates to everything that pertains to our lives, even the blogging enterprise that we are engaged in. It’s simply not a biblical tenet or religious balderdash.For instance, when you stretch out a hand of fellowship and engage with others, 99% of the time, it is reciprocated. Keep your circle as positive as possible.Our actions revolve around us as surely as the Earth revolves around the Sun.When we are in search of happiness, the first question we should ask ourselves, is what seeds we are sowing?Happiness is not something that we get from other people. The happiness we feel is in direct proportion to the love that we are able to give.Take a peek at those embittered people who expend so much energy pulling others down; they forever remain miserable.They fail to realize that in the attempt to keep someone else down, they hinder themselves from rising to their optimum potentials.Be loving to yourself and others and you see that love reciprocated.It is the law of Karma which works every time, whether we are aware of it or not. It occurs in the small things and in the big things that surround us.It is also wise to remember that treating others right does not imply being blind to their shortcomings or giving them permission to treat you poorly.

Source: What are you doing?

3 thoughts on “What are you doing?

  1. I’ve always felt the laws of attraction (positive action begets positive reactions) applied to those who are stable. In a great many cases, such as myself, I am aware I am in control of my reactions however it doesn’t prevent or wash away the doldrums of manic depressives, personality disorders, or simply mental illness.

    I am not here to drag any one down. I want happiness and magnificent love sweet love all around! The actuality of consistent positivity is unfathomable and no matter how much you fight the darkness, it is apart of you. It is dormant and dangerous.

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