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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

How to overcome fear when facing real danger. In today’s World, security can’t be emphasized enough. My girl Tasha always shares practical stuff. Be informed

Are you like David? This is an uplifting post to start off your day. Like chicken soup for the soul. Please read 🙂

Enticing Food Labels In these days of so much sensory overload online, in the shops, on TV etc, how much attention do we really pay to the enticing words and labels that attract our eyes’ promising us one good thing after the other especially when it comes to food. Our health is our life and there are basic things that we must be attentive to. This is an important post.

The Last Words. How many of us suffer insomnia? I guess far too many. Brenda weaves an indicting prose inspired by insomnia. Take a read 😉

I try to be perfect for my adopted daughter, while not expecting perfection. Borrowing the writers’ words quoted below, this post makes your guts wrench.

Those affected by trauma can try to make sure their kids don’t have the same trauma….by not showing our trauma.

How do we try to be perfect while also not expecting or desiring perfection? I’ve been doing it for years and it is hurting me on the inside. At night I cry.

Last night my tears were for my real mother, the woman who spent years looking for me after I was trafficked by two white people.

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