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Animal kindness…Every day beautiful people – Kindness Challenge

I wanted to join the Kindness challenge right from the onset but with so much on my schedule, I could barely see where to fit it in until an idea struck me that I could tie it with my daily observation of everyday people. I’ll try as much as I can to keep to the challenge for the next few weeks.

However, having always being a people observer, over time, I’ve noted both the lapses in human kindness as well as the beautiful expressions of kindness people show.RevofKindness

The lady below caught my attention during my early morning visit to the park over the weekend.

Pets and strays are not particularly a favourite in this part of the World though people own their pets and learn to keep them behaved, but in the case of strays, they are at the mercy of mercy.

I’d noticed the cute kittens when they wandered closer but within minutes, I was privy to a scene that made me happy.

The kittens seemed to know that their benevolent ‘Cat lady‘ was on her way, so they wandered out of their hidden corner.

She buys food for them from a nearby Waitrose and comes to the park to feed them each day, under the scolding gaze of the groundskeeper.

We had a chat and she related to me on how she had been told off severally by them, but her mind just couldn’t let her be when she thought that they were starving and now the groundskeeper ignores her πŸ™‚

She couldn’t take in pets ‘cos her apartment is ‘no pets allowed.’ We talked about letting an animal shelter know about the little ones and she agreed to look into it and I thanked her for doing what she was doing.

I left with some sense of happiness. Her kindness didn’t go unnoticed.

Cat_lady_3[1] Cat_lady_2[1] Cat_lady[1]

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Observe kindness around you: “no act of kindness no matter how small, is wasted” – Aesop

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Out of the silent breath

May I live,

unafraid to breathe.

Free from a choke-hold,

that becomes a stronghold.

May I live,

unafraid to live,

clinging to my expectations,

with feral desperation.


*excerpts from my poem*


20 thoughts on “Animal kindness…Every day beautiful people – Kindness Challenge

    1. I feel the same too. I unfortunately made a mistake by not asking for her number ‘cos I did a little research that she may find useful. Who knows maybe one of the weekends that I visit that park again, though it’s getting sooooo hot here these days, that my forays in the park will soon be stalled.

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      1. Maybe you could contact the agency and give them a heads up that these kittens are there in that spot? I have some contact numbers for AUH cat lovers but unfortunately not any in DXB. If you’d like I can ask them if they know of anyone in Dubai who could help?

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to join the challenge! So happy to have you embark on this journey! What a beautiful act of kindness! I’m so glad you were able to notice her kindness and even have a conversation with her. Thank you for sharing!

    Feel free to go back and do week 1 or incorporate it with next week’s focus. Each week s meant to progress to the one that follows but the journey is yours to take as you like. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be sure to stop by your blog party. Congratulations on your book!!! Have a great weekend!

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