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Bend It, Straighten It, Twist It…

I totally curbed my zeal in going photo bombing with today’s photo 101 theme ‘Architecture and Monochrome’ in  a city that is an architectural delight.

Buildings sprout like mushroom in this place and each with it’s loveliness in intricacy or even simplicity.

The sprinkling weather of today, curbed my clicky fingers delight, so, I have a mix of new and old.

Some were tweaked in black and white for comparison and in as much as I like both, I think I will naturally gravitate to the bright colours like a happy butterfly 🙂


29 thoughts on “Bend It, Straighten It, Twist It…

  1. I love that you put both for comparison. The architecture and attention to lines and light are stunning there. I see how you would have a hard time dedicating them to B&W. That being said, #3 is my favorite in B&W. Very nice shots.

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  2. Yup! Agree with you, i liked the colour ones better too.. Except maybe the one of the single potted plant through the grill. That one i like more in BW

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  3. My favourite is the gold and turquoise staircase, in color. Although all are striking in black and white I think modern structures has a tendency to look better in colour. 🙂


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