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Wordless Wednesday


The Edges…

I love normal adventures

and not the perilous ventures

of living life on the edge.

Some enjoy walking on eggshells

or dangling at the edge of a precipice

I love to keep away from the ledge.

out-of-the-silent-breath 2


Tiny and Tall…

So, I will just cut to the chase of the matter and attach my photos for today’s photo 101 theme ‘scale and observation.’

I am so totally knackered and my brain is running at half tank from insufficient snooze.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha




Bend It, Straighten It, Twist It…

I totally curbed my zeal in going photo bombing with today’s photo 101 theme ‘Architecture and Monochrome’ in  a city that is an architectural delight.

Buildings sprout like mushroom in this place and each with it’s loveliness in intricacy or even simplicity.

The sprinkling weather of today, curbed my clicky fingers delight, so, I have a mix of new and old.

Some were tweaked in black and white for comparison and in as much as I like both, I think I will naturally gravitate to the bright colours like a happy butterfly 🙂