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Sickle Cell Anaemia…


When I was a very young girl, my bosom childhood friend Nnenna * God rest her soul* had sickle cell.

In my mind I still recall day’s of visiting her with a bunch of other friends and watching as she wept in throes of pain.

We would rub and massage her muscles to help, try to make her laugh and a lot of times I would go home feeling burdened with questions and worry.

She was a very beautiful, bright, talented young lady and equally full of life. She never liked being segregated or made to feel different and now that I dwell a bit on these memories, I can’t even fathom how big a burden she bore.

Knowing a family that lived a few streets away from our house, lose their offspring one after the other from Sickle cell disease, definitely cemented the indelible marks that SCD made on my mind.

Today, thankfully, with modern science, life expectancy of sufferers is a bit longer than what it used to be, nonetheless, it is still a traumatizing disease.

To know a bit more about SCD, you can click on this link Sickle Cell Disease.

Personally, I love to support groups that are out there, selflessly seeking to improve the standard of living of human life.

Most times, when we hear the word support, we balk at the idea because we automatically think of big bucks.

Support can come in so many forms that may not involve parting with any form of money.

Support can be the giving of your time and helping hands.

Support can be by lending your voice to a worthy cause.

Support can equally be by just being there for someone who you know going through a rough patch. Knowing that you are there counts for a whole lot.

‘Remember that though you may not be there for everyone, you can be there for someone.’


Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


41 thoughts on “Sickle Cell Anaemia…

    1. Oh Wow Carlos. I have a fair idea how painful it can be. I have had a couple of friends who had it and it was heartbreaking to watch their pain.
      I am also aware that you can reduce your children’s risk by choosing a partner who is not a carrier. It is really my pleasure to lend voice in the little ways that I can.

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  1. Support can also be in the form of prayer that God will enlighten some one who can break through in the medical field to prevent or cure. I pray that for an answer for cancer. Thanks for bringing DVD to our attention.

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  2. Jackie,
    A sweet tribute to a friend who is waiting for you on the other shore. We have places in my home country, pockets, where there are people with the SC gene and they suffered a lot till the government health system started providing health care, creating awareness and generally recognising them more.

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    1. She was a really lovely lady and at peace now. Thank God for your Government stepping in to help. I think it was probably due to lack of information and knowledge that made people unaware. Thankfully, things can change with the right support.

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  3. One of my bosom friend in the university was plagued with this disease, it was really traumatic to watch her in pain has she beckons on us to rub her legs,joint and muscles, the pain went on and off and on and off,we never stopped believing God for her healing. Alas she was healed,totally free from the disease, Today she is a proud mother of 5 children. While it is miraculous healing for some, I know others may not. It is always important to show our support in every way we can. May Nnenna continue to rest in peace. Kudos to you Sis, for this laudable initiative. Thanks for thinking up love. πŸ™‚

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    1. My dear, that is such good turnaround for your friend. I am truly happy to hear such good news because it can be quite plaguing. Nnenna had only one daughter who is now with her parents. We have to keep doing little positive things where we can.


  4. Hi Jackie,

    SCD is so heartbreaking, I have dear friends who have suffered. I am thankful that nowadays, people are better informed about the importance of knowing their genotype.

    You are right, support makes a positive impact.

    Have a great week!

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  5. I still recoil with fear each time I hear a sickle cell story because as late as 2014, I was told a story of an intending couple that tested AS:AS but was so certain their faith will overcome whatever science had to say! Went ahead to marry! I am not privileged to know what they are going through today but I hope they are all the better for it. I know everything you talk about when you talk about SCD because I have seen them from close range!

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    1. Truly a sad situation to be in. If people are informed that they are incompatible and they choose to go on with their decision forgetting that their offspring will bear the brunt then that is a real shame. Thank you Ikechukwu for writing in and sharing your views. My appreciations 😊


  6. It’s nice to see your care and love for others. Thanks for sharing the article.

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