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I came, I live, I laugh, I love….What about You?

love-laughter-and-friendshipNo one likes to dwell on thoughts of death, but the grim reaper is a visitor that likes to call uninvited. He doesn’t ring any door bells when he arrives otherwise he will not meet anyone at home.

So like a thief in the dead of the night, he slinks in!

Since death is an inevitable fact of life that can happen at any time, should it matter to us that our sojourn here on mother earth is remarkable?

Should it not matter to us that we live our lives in such a way that when we kick our individual buckets we would have left a mark that warms the heart of those who remember us and not a shudder of dread with a muttered “good riddance to bad rubbish?”

For all that it is worth, the part of leaving heartwarming thoughts behind appeals to me far better than being a grimace on someone’s face.

If I am well off enough to leave a few heirlooms to loved ones here and there, that would be very nice and dandy, but I think the most important things that I would like to be remembered for are encapsulated in these simple words:

”I came, I lived, I laughed and I loved.”

I came, because I am presently here and was purposefully brought into existence.

I am no mistake (no child is a mistake no matter the circumstance of birth).

I lived.
By being myself
By doing what I love…writing, reading, learning, dancing, talking, drawing, eating and so on…
Living a purpose driven life.
By spending time with my loved ones.
Helping others and sharing with others as much as I can.
By being thankful.
By keeping healthy and exercising.
By mentoring and life coaching both for others and for my own benefit.
By keeping stress at a minimal level.
By dumping the negative thinking.
By forgiving and moving on.
By appreciating nature.

I laughed.

Growing a sense of humour even self-deprecatory humour is healthy.
Laughter is a healer. It is music and fireworks to the soul. Life is so much better with laughter and I want a life enriched with laughter.

I loved.

I would love as much as my heart can expand and the heart can expand so, so much when we give it the chance to do so.

I want to live so that when I die, even the undertaker would be sorry that I am gone.

Not a particularly cheery topic right? However, when you dwell on it, it actually helps to streamline ones purpose and priorities.

So do tell, what part would you like to be remembered for? Heartwarming or Grimacing?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

NaBloPoMo prompt – Wednesday, November 18

What do you hope people remember about you after you’re gone?



25 thoughts on “I came, I live, I laugh, I love….What about You?

  1. Light is better defined in contrast with the dark. I want to be the kind of woman who moves toward the light and not the kind that squints my eyes in pain while looking for a place to hide. Contemplating death brings our true self into sharp focus. Again, I’m with you on this one, sister! Great post.

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  2. Heartwarming. I believe that the most important thing is how we make people feel. By having that as a goal, we don’t have to win arguments, or always be right. We already won, if we can make another human feel better after a meeting with us.

    Have a wonderful day my friend ❤

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  3. You will just a memorable in the hearts of others as your father is your very own heart. The things you write about him, I can tell where you get some of good qualities. Your children shall remember and think of you in a similar fashion, I’m sure.

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  4. I want my daughter to remember beautiful moments. I have actually made her a ‘treasure’ box to remember me by. I add to it occasionally… she does not know about it (such an idea I imagine she would find morbid). But we never know when death will come calling. It has small things in it. Trinkets, letters, photos of importance… things that I hope some day will help her recall small moments of joy we shared.

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      1. <3! I'm glad someone does not think it is morbid! I have worried that it was! I started it while trapped in 'my room' believing I would die there. I wanted her to know 'the real me' and know that I 'really lived'. And now that I am free I am keeping it going… filling it with memories for her to treasure. I will not tell her about it of course… I would not want her to think of it in fear or for the wrong reasons. I simply want it to be a memento of my life. The book of "me" so that when I die… my 'library' does not burn down… so to speak.


      1. I haven’t gone yet. I remember a song from some time, some where; it was called something like “I’m Gonna Take My Vacation in Heaven.” I don’t have much desire for vacations now. Home is awfully comfortable! I intend to pull myself away for a two hour trip and Thanksgiving dinner with my granddaughter and stay overnight. I’ll be ready to be home again!

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