My Dear WordPress….It’s not possible!

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My Dear WordPress,

If I can recall a not so dim memory in my conversations with you, I remember that we have had this chat before, when you slyly asked me to take a pick of my three favourite blogs out of the wholesome lot of my blog-some friends.

I told you that my eclectic tastes and needs makes variety the spice of my life. That these needs are fed in their itty-bitty parts by each and everyone of my committee of friends and basically, in a day I go visiting at least a 100-200 of my friends, which makes it rather impossible to pick 3 posts out of so many.

Since you can’t quite remember this conversation, let me refresh your mind.

I told you my dear WP ( I hope I can call you that, since we are such bosom buddies) that a lot of my friends fill so many gaping gaps in my life.

They make me howl in glee till tears run down my face.

They plaster smiles on my face and sometimes do make me frown.

A good number of them have clicky fingers and they show me vibrant pictures that leaves me in awe.

Some keep me grounded and in touch with my humanity and yet some make me reflect deeply about life itself.

Some remind me that I should always be grateful for the little things, sharing their tips freely and indeed I am grateful for these friends of mine.

Some fellowship with me and throw more light on my spirituality and some are generous enough  to share their blessings with me.

They have shared their lives, their children and spouses, their pets, their horses and even garter sssnakes at times (now I have the heebie-jeebies just from the ssss word and it’s all your fault).

A good lot of my friends feed my appetite with the flavour bursting, delicious meals that they serve up online  – thank God we can’t add weight from looking at all the pictures.

A staunch number of my wonderful friends encourage and inspire me to spread my wings, to soar and reach for the skies and some even take me on their own wings on expeditions to places that I have never been before.

Some give me cause to pause and share a silent prayer, hoping that all  is well with them and lest I forget, a good number of them weave very delightful tales and write delicate poems.

I do have a raunchy bunch too and the political man as well.

A lot of sage counsel is equally on offer and they’ve got my back as well.

So you see, my crowd is quite a mix, even with music and I really think that maybe you should join us? Need I say more? What do you say?

Maybe, if I send you the list of 719 of them to marinate over, that might help you make a decision, whilst I go and get acquainted with some more.

Finally, don’t forget that saying which goes that ”you should never ask a mother to choose out of all her children, it’s simply not done.” If you are wondering how she can cope with them all, I must highlight to you that she is the multi-breasted one.

My regards to you WP. I have enjoyed having a good natter.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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51 thoughts on “My Dear WordPress….It’s not possible!

  1. This was a nice letter to wordpress, contrary to mine since every time they update or do whatever they do, I end up not seeing the notifications, the Like button doesn´t load, can´t even see the reeder, I have to go shift through hundreds of posts in my email inbox, you´re too kind to them. 😉


      • This is a comment to your latest post on gatherings at mom’s house. I couldn’t post….

        Somewhat similar upbringing. There were 7 kids but mom some how managed to babysit 4 to 6 other kids. She was so nice that most didn’t pay her. We were still young to make a fuss about it. But, I believe one of my eldest sisters must’ve spoken about this exploitation.
        Dad always brought friends from the area or strangers from the bar. They taught us to love and be givers even with the little we had. Although, thinking back it wasn’t safe for us girls but somehow God protected us.

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      • I know what you mean about it not being safe. I had some not too very nice experience myself because some people try to capitalize on the generosity and open heart of folks. From experience, I have learnt that children raised in homes where others partake in sharing are far more compassionate adults.

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  2. You should join the fledgeling online community ” Soul Sequel “. It’s a sorta – kinda – maybe continuation of Soul Pancake, a website started by Rainn Wilson ( AKA Dwight Schrute / ” Forehead Guy ” from the series ” The Office ” which I never really watched. ahem…… ) that got its plug yanked when the Site wasn’t helping sell merch.
    8 months later ” Soul Sequel ” is still finding its footing. But it’s a nice place, & Jacqueline, you & yours & everyone reading this are welcome to come onboard. Not selling anything, nor hyping anything. HONEST. Come by sometime…..
    My computer has still got some gremlins – the ” Like ” function is acting wonky.

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