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A lovely lady…a shopping encounter

Strength & Courage Quotes 12

Whats on my mind you ask?

This evening, I went grocery shopping with the children and as we traipsed lazily down the aisle, a young, tall, slim, beautiful lady passed me by with a young child.

The first thing that I saw was her hair that was shaved to the scalp and she wore the skin-cut with pride.

I tried not to stare, but I knew. My spirit grew disquietened.

In my heart, I knew that this lovely soul is battling for her life.

We walked past her and continued our shopping but my mind couldn’t focus.

After a while, I backtracked several aisles down to find her. I felt a bit nervous that she might not appreciate my disturbing her peace, but a little voice in my heart said Go! So I continued.

I approached tentatively and out-rightly told her that I noticed her shaved scalp and she confirmed that she has breast cancer.

My heart went out to this total stranger. I have witnessed first hand the heart-rending havoc that cancer wreaks on sufferers.

We talked for a while, it turned out she has a chemo/radiation session tomorrow and of course she is trying to live life as normal as possible especially for her young child.

By the end of our discussion, ironically, she ended up comforting me. We shared a blessing and a hug.

I admire her strength and really wish her well. I wish her miracles. Cancer

I wish more Grace and strength to those who are suffering at this time.

May faith, peace and healing hands be your portion.

Kind regards.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

35 thoughts on “A lovely lady…a shopping encounter

  1. A kind word goes a long way, what’s the point of humanity, if we don’t reach out and connect to fellow humans.

    It’s funny how just when you think life is showing you pepper, someone else is going through an even rougher and more peppery patch. Very heartwarming post, thank you for sharing.

    Have a blessed week!

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  2. Once again you’ve managed to bring tears to my eye *darn you Jacqueline!!!*
    Your compassion for others is so strong…it’s almost supernatural. I’m sure you made her day and she will not forget your kindness. I hope she is able to beat this disease, she probably has a long battle ahead of her.

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    1. I really hope she beats it Tasha. She is a young lady and it was just sad. I am happy that she has such grace and sounds strong. Thank you so much for your touching comments. You made tears spring to my eyes.


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