when leaders stole a Nation
from under its feet
they said it would make us great
like we have never known before

but we sat down
and we drank wine
forgetting to weep in our cups
and mourn our loss

they sold our land
for shillings for their pockets
heritage given to men
who held them by the balls

bereft, we are left adrift
‘cos travesty besieges us;
for we were sold falsehood
and promises that leak like a basket

© 2018 Jacqueline

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she laughs
at the naivety
and the smallness
of their minds

they think that
vampires only walk
and feed
in the dark

in broad daylight
these beautiful monsters
blend seamlessly
into the crowd

© 2018 Jacqueline

We shouldn’t be shocked when government administrations do things that are reprehensible even in the name of God. When the handwriting is on the wall and we choose to close our eyes to the signs, we simply unleash wickedness in high places. When you vote, vote with your conscience. Search your heart for the truth.


In God You Trust…

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In God, you say you trust
as you quickly strap your guns,
the Bible in one holy hand
the smoking gun in the other

You are the truth keepers
with your mouthful of lies,
you pick verses that serve your purpose
your hypocrisy goes beyond the surface

The grandiose self-titled peacemaker
who steals and poisons others water,
you go where the land is rich
and live its people in misery

In God you say you trust
as you decimate nations of natives,
that God of yours is very testy
I doubt he’s the same as mine.



Rononvan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

The King and I

When I saw Ronovan’s haiku prompt for this week, ‘King & Day’  I couldn’t resist being naughty and poking fun at a certain ‘King of The Free World.’

Forgive me 😉

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Should the arrogant naked King and I
spend a jolly day together
I would tell him ‘you are ignorant.’

The King would probably be so mad
yelling ‘off with her head,’
‘cos he hates the truth any day.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The Daily Post


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His ego was so huge,
that everyone thought it was spectacular;
no one knew that it was just a bubbly, jellied balloon,
that beneath the gigantic elastic words,
lay a fragile, small mind.

They helped him to blow it up and massaged it,
it grew and grew until the center could no longer hold,
and the gigantic ego bubble burst,
all the fragility was set amok,
to open-mouthed looks of shock.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Fragile – The Daily Post

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