when leaders stole a Nation
from under its feet
they said it would make us great
like we have never known before

but we sat down
and we drank wine
forgetting to weep in our cups
and mourn our loss

they sold our land
for shillings for their pockets
heritage given to men
who held them by the balls

bereft, we are left adrift
‘cos travesty besieges us;
for we were sold falsehood
and promises that leak like a basket

© 2018 Jacqueline


4 thoughts on “Travesty…

  1. Yes. And the innocents pay as we watch America march towards ultimate destruction.

    Now more than ever the racism is more overt. More out in the open. Jim Crow, Americas apartheid is in full force.
    That’s one of the reasons I’m taking Early retirement.
    Black people are targets just waiting to be shot and eliminated.

    It’s also why I’ve dropped out of many activities including my online presence.


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