Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

No Grill…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

We are not allowed to use an open grill in our apartment for safety reasons and this is one thing that I miss sorely. I recall Summer days of cook-out back in Houston, the camaraderie of family visits and it almost seems like aeons ago. Time flies.

Some parks allow the use of charcoal grill but the UAE is getting a tad too hot for such indulgence so, yours truly has to rely on my kitchens’ oven grill which is not quite the same.

Maybe it’s all in my mind right now – that flavour of sizzling barbecue wafting in from somewhere and causing saliva to pool in my mouth. Let me take a peek out of the window, maybe I’ll go begging for a bite πŸ˜‰

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10 thoughts on “No Grill…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Jackie,
    It is wonderful to see you writing again. I know it is too hot for anyone there but perhaps you could barbecue on the beaches in the evenings.


  2. Yes, definitely too hot to BBQ on the balcony. I am with you on the real smell of a BBQ cooking, nothing like it in summer. Ah well, perhaps a park or somewhere. When I visited Jordan there were many places to BBQ, but then it depends on the customs of the country. They do not BBQ here they do not know how to.

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  3. It’s interesting how powerful the sense of smell can be in bringing back memories. The aroma of charcoal burning or a wood fire sure brings back memories for me. After sitting around a campfire I didn’t want to wash the smell out of my clothes. I wonder if they make an incense with those smells.

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