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Ladies, Ladies, No Squabbling Please…


”Talk to the hand!” ‘Patra hissed at Delilah in a vexed tone.

”What’s with you girl?” Delilah feigned ignorance and asked in her pretentious calm voice.

”How dare you try to steal my customers for yourself?’‘ ‘Patra continues with her tirade as she accused Delilah:

”Do you think that I did not see you batting your bald eyelashes at them and you dare to stand and pretend as if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth?”

”But I…” Delilah tries to get a word in..

”Sheesh! Just keep your buts to yourself” ‘Patra practically growled.

”We may be confined to sharing this fashion space, but know this and know it well! This is my turf! No encroaching on my customers, you wannabe! Except I decide that I am not interested in them, you can then try to charm them with your oily and smooth ways the way you must have confused the manager to allow you jump three steps up from the back of the shop to the prized show glass.”

For the first time in ages, Delilah is really ticked off. She has had enough of being the underdog and in raised voice she said:

”Listen up Patra! Delilah hissed back. ”I have had it with your uppity, bullish ways. If you have bones to pick with the Manager, feel free to go and do so.”

”It is not my problem that you don’t want to share the limelight with someone else. I am here now! Deal with it!”

”Besides, who actually appointed you the queen of this runway, if I may ask?”

They were getting all hot and ready to have a full-fledged shouting match…when Jerry the male mannequin bellowed at them.

”Girls, girls, calm down.” ”No fighting or gouging out your eyes!”

You will frighten potential customers away!” He chastised. ”That will surely earn both of you a relegation to the store.”

”Come on ladies, try and work together for pity’s sake.” He muttered as he sub-consciously ran a check over his suit to ensure that it was lint-free.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Jennifer at INK and QUILL has invited me to participate in 5 day photo story challenge.

Challenge Guidelines:

Post a picture each day, for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominates another blogger

I invite afairymind  a fabulous blogger and story teller, to join the photo story challenge. I look forward to reading from you if you choose to participate. Enjoy 🙂



The First Date…Bridegroom Wanted Urgently!

couples in love

Tess took another quick peek at the mirror of her compact powder.

No, there’s no dodgy piece of green stuff stuck on any dentition.

Yes, her lip gloss still shimmered.

Her hair still looked healthy and soft; every strand was in the right place.

A bit of powdering to stop any shiny nose, a second look at the slender wrist watch and it was time to go into the restaurant.

It hadn’t been easy sitting out the past fifteen minutes in her car waiting for the appropriate time to step in. She had tortured herself with all manners of imagined dating debacles.

Any respectable young lady shouldn’t turn up for a first date ahead of the time agreed with the guy, she remembered Kate’s advise. It would make her appear too desperate.

Striking a balance is just the right thing. Ten or Fifteen minutes after the scheduled time, then you stroll in leisurely, in controlled steps with just the right amount of swagger to the hips.

Thistle Bar, just the right kind of place for a first time online hook-up. It was her first time in there and it was quite decent.

It was a high street casual bar which was not too high end pricey and not too drive thru junk-food kind of place. Just a balance of both.

He had said he would be wearing a coffee coloured shirt and she told him that she would be wearing fushia. He hadn’t known what fushia looked like precisely, so she had sent a picture of the dress.

It was one of her best colours and lovely dress hugged her curves in the right places.

That must be him, as a pair of eager eyes lit up in her direction. The face looked recognizable and the shirt was dark coffee coloured.

She picked her way past a few rows of seated customers, a tentative smile plastered on her face.

As she approached him, he stood up like a gentleman and Tess’s heart sank to the bottom of her peep toe heeled sandals.

He was not tall by any standard whatsoever! As a matter of fact, in her opinion, he was hugely short.

She quickly ran through her mind, checking to determine if she had seen an indication of height on his bio.

Was height not important? Was it mentioned or not mentioned? She couldn’t remember but her hopes had just received it’s first dashing.

She liked her men tall and had never dated a guy shorter than herself before.

Patrick was fairly an okay character. He even made her smile a couple of times, but there was absolutely no spark – at least on her own side.

The meet-up was not a bad one at all, though she could not afford to eat out often, but hey, if you want to eat omelet, you have to crack some eggs.

She doubted very much if there would be a repeat date. He didn’t ask and she didn’t suggest.

To be continued. Part 1 Part 2

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

As you know, I like to excavate other neighbours treasures and I offer some to you today 🙂

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Grammar time from Meg Sorick gave a chuckle or two.

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Have a beautiful day today my peeps.

Now, lets take a moment and dance.

At your own risk ‘cos I kick scary butts!….

Kicking ass

There is no one in the room with me, except my lazy feeling self, the quarreling voices in my head telling me to ignore you, WordPress and the television which I have put on mute to dispel all the bad news floating in and disrupting my creative juices; though I like the flickering bursts of colour so I leave it on.

It’s fun at times to look at the yammering lips on TV, not hearing what they are saying, using your imagination to figure it out and laughing at nothing – please don’t think I am crazy, just the creative juice in overload today.

I am home alone and I can tell you I am tougher than Macaulay Culkin, so don’t get any ideas of sneaking in!!

The children and their Papa should be stepping back in pretty soon and they can terrorize with well aimed bites, kicks, ladles, pots and pans; you have been forewarned!

So, I will have well fortified backup even though I trust my screeching techniques well enough.

Any attempt for any fear or scary stuff to sneak in, is at it’s own peril!

I am amply armed with my heavy wielding bible, my certified holy water that will turn you into mush in a sprinkle of an eye, my gleaming prayer beads and a nice weighty crucifix for beating sound sense into the scare source for attempting to give me nervous breakdown.

Maybe, I should quickly place an order for chainsaw – the Chinese are known to deliver rapidly, what do you think? Getting more gory right?

Well, I have advertised my ammunition at no price.

Should you, FEAR, venture to come in, a crucifix bludgeon, a screech with bible quotes, a hasty recital of the beads and a sprinkle in the eye and you will be transformed magically, finding yourself pressed willy-nilly into the church choir!

Well now, this is the silliest prompt response I have given so far, to a repetitive prompting.

This prompt about fear was addressed in a roundabout way just a few days ago and this was my response.

Now let me go and bring my casserole out for dinner.

Goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite 😉

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post prompt 1984

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Nothing to be Tricked about…


This prompt is a bit difficult to sink my teeth into, but I am going to try to teleport back to the States for the trick a treating.

Halloween is still novelty and at infantile stage here in the United Arab Emirates, even though I saw some costumes and scary masks displayed in the shops, I observed that it is mainly people of Western culture that ventured to those aisles.

With the insularity of inhabitants in this place, my presumption is that the parents will be filling their children’s candy bags themselves. I am doubtful that there will be much knocking on doors going on.

On the other hand, let me let you in on a secret, if the truth be told, we African Nations are not particularly fond of celebrating Halloween.

Ha! It almost seems as if we are inviting the trouble of the dead and buried by doing so 😉

Hei! Biko kwa! (I speak in my vernacular to help you understand the seriousness of the affair), why would we want to go invoking the spirit of the dead who should be resting very well in peace?


May All the Saints please remain nicely hallowed in their allotted portions at the cemetery.

Nonetheless, since I like the kids in the neighbourhood, if I were in the States, I shall spare them some candies the following day when all the saints have gone back quietly to their various abodes 😉

Enjoy the short skit below.

Quick Glossary:

Ha! An exclamation in this case meaning ‘What!’

Hei! Another exclamation like ‘Oh dear’

Biko kwa: Please/I beg your pardon.

Mbanu. NO, indeed!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post prompt Trick or Trick

Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

A Comic Race to the White house…

White house

One seat, too many feet!

Trampling on toes, ready to defeat,

Like Badgers and Otters!

We watch as they dance to the beat.

One politician barks and takes painful bites,

Armed thoughts with flying spittle, laden down for a fight,

Indeed it is quite a sight!

In mad glee the thatch flies off the hook,

It’s plain to see there’s not much in his nook!

From too many tweets,

Not very discreet,

One politician tells tall tales,

It’s difficult to tell,

Which side of the face to face,

There is drought in this place!

One politician sleeps on his feet,

It’s a wonder what will happen to the seat?

Will he slumber?

Like a lumber?

This is simply, just not it!

One politician reckons since there’s no anarchy,

Maybe it’s my turn, let’s form a monarchy,

O! It’s tiring to watch the entire malarkey!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Prompt Snark Bombs, Away

Try your hand at parody or satire — take an article, film, blog post, or song you find misguided, and use humor to show us how. 

My Clandestine Lover…

Clandestine lover

I have a very daring lover,
He sneaks to visit when everyone is away,
Most times in the dead of the night,
Afraid of being caught in the dastardly act,

Day after day,
When all lights are off,
He sneaks into my room,
For a nibble and he suckles from me,

I tried to warn him,
Of the danger of this escapades,
But he wouldn’t listen,
He only itched some more,

Last night he visited,
Just one more time he said,
To say goodbye and move on,
To more welcoming and robust pastures,

Unfortunately, for the guy,
My husband caught him,
Right in the middle of the act,
As he suckled greedily,
To his utmost delight,

One big swat,
And down he went,
Sluggish from all the blood,
He had stolen from me,

My Mosquito King is dead!
No more night marauding,
For this pesky one 🙂

Get your minds straightened out, naughty people 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Image Credit: Tristan and Iseult depicted by Edmund Blair Leighton; courtesy Wikipedia.

The Burglar….

Rat-Burglar1”Why?” I moan in despair to myself.

“Why didn’t I arrange for his assassination?” I ask in perplexed wonder.

“Now, he has got the best of my lot.”

”The one that I saved for the best moments.”

”My cultured one!”

”My thoroughbred of the highest pedigree!”

”The one that makes onlookers utter goodness me in divine visual pleasure.”

”Oh why?” I moan yet again in distress.

”All my efforts to get her away from him, just came to naught.”

”The first time he visited, I knew he was trouble.”

”I moved her away, in a bid to separate the two and divert his attention.”

”Yet, lovestruck was he.” ”He kept visiting, again and again.”

”And my malleable, cultured one sat pretty in her revered position.”

”Waiting for the right time to come down from her esteemed pedestal.”

”To entertain the rich and noble.”

”Oh why?” My seething frustration goes up a notch.

”Why didn’t I take her away to a hidden destination?”

”Why didn’t I simply get rid of that vagabond?”

”That good for nothing, never do well!”

”Now he has run off with her!”

”Not even a morsel spared for me.”

”That RAT!

”He stole my Moose Cheese.”

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image Credit: Nu borrelia

Flat butt or what?.. Silly thinking

Camera 360

Writer at Work

Do writers end up with a flat butt or what?

Sitting here at my desk, scribble, scribble, scribble,

type, type, type,

with a pillow under my gluteus maximus

cushioning the impact of wood on muscles

Yet I still feel the deflation of air from behind

Bringing such silly thought to my mind

What if? I question myself,

My aspirations, lead to deflation’s,

And I end up with a flat behind?

That would be a Rear End 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Let’s get a little lost shall we?

vehicleIn a lighter mood:

Did someone say that Houston is hot or hawt during Summer?  They should try Dubai. There is the Sun, then Planet Dubai next to the sun, and Planet Earth with every other city a million miles away.

We arrived Dubai/UAE after 16 hours flight across continents from the US, so thankful for a safe flight. These days when you take off to somewhere, you simply hope that the pilot/co-pilot does not have any form of meltdown.

As we head out in search of our rental. The heat slapped us in the face with a punch thrown in too! Yet, it was sundown!sweating sun
No matter. We loaded up and set off to town, ready to settle down.

It’s Ramadan (no public eating until iftar).
It’s blazing hot.
We are hungry, jet-lagged and cranky.

Traveling with family can be a whole lot of fun when you get past the hectic leg of things and to make things easier, we always take a car rental armed with our GPS and generally try to find our square roots.20150703_235802

Taking the metro or taxi, with children in tow, does not really cut it for me. I don’t enjoy staring through the windows with my nose pressed to the glass, watching the city scape zip past as we zoom by. With a rental at your liberty, you can immerse yourself just a little bit more.

Luckily the fast had just been broken for the day, so we located the closest mall and delightfully found a Five Guys fast food, where we tucked into some real greasy burgers and fries à l’américaine.20150703_214325

You would think that with the blazing heat and Ramadan, that the city would be slow and empty. Not at all! The mall park was filled to the brim. Human traffic from all walks of life flowed in pairs and little groups and for a people watcher like me, (is there a hobby with that title yet)? Its simply a delight to my imagery senses.


A full tummy, peppered with jet lag and heat equals to potent sleeping pill. Off we go to find our new abode for weeks to come.
The pilot (dear husband) sets off confidently, whilst I settled beside him to admire the shiny buildings of architectural delight, but soon enough my eyelids droop from gravity of sleep.

Half an hour later, I crank open my eyes and we were nowhere near our destination. Our poor GPS – which by the way, we had used on a previous visit – was thoroughly confused and was not updated due to the massive construction and upgrades going on in the city. It is a city of consistent newness and growth; getting ready to host Expo 2020. Familiar routes become a maze of metro networks, new hotels/buildings, road expansions and deep excavations.

“What’s up?” I asked in a croaky voice.Dubai

“I am trying to locate our hotel, but the GPS is not picking up the proper directions”, he responds.

“Okay”. “I have a map, lets see if that can help”, I offer. Mind you, I am not sure that I will make the Worlds list of cartographers or map readers – but at least I can try 🙂

Me: Map reader

Pilot: Husband

And we manage to circle an area a couple of times until in exasperation I suggested that we should simply stop by a metro station and get one of the empty cabs to direct us, otherwise we just might find ourselves in Kuwait before we know it.

My suggestion is met with silence. A cue for me to fold my map and snatch a few minutes of shut eye. I knew we would get there anyhow.

What is it with men and asking for directions?

Is it in their genetic make-up not to ask?

We ran around a little more, and eventually we were adopted by a taxi escort, that drove in front of our vehicle until we got to our destination, and in the spirit of Ramadan, I guess, he did not collect even 1 dirham from us, waving a cheerful goodbye as he left.

Wilted like two day old vegetables, we gladly hopped into our beds after all protocol and for the next several weeks or more, we shall be calling this shiny place, Home.20150701_120007

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Sun image: courtesy http://www.oc-breeze.com