Ladies, Ladies, No Squabbling Please…


”Talk to the hand!” ‘Patra hissed at Delilah in a vexed tone.

”What’s with you girl?” Delilah feigned ignorance and asked in her pretentious calm voice.

”How dare you try to steal my customers for yourself?’‘ ‘Patra continues with her tirade as she accused Delilah:

”Do you think that I did not see you batting your bald eyelashes at them and you dare to stand and pretend as if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth?”

”But I…” Delilah tries to get a word in..

”Sheesh! Just keep your buts to yourself” ‘Patra practically growled.

”We may be confined to sharing this fashion space, but know this and know it well! This is my turf! No encroaching on my customers, you wannabe! Except I decide that I am not interested in them, you can then try to charm them with your oily and smooth ways the way you must have confused the manager to allow you jump three steps up from the back of the shop to the prized show glass.”

For the first time in ages, Delilah is really ticked off. She has had enough of being the underdog and in raised voice she said:

”Listen up Patra! Delilah hissed back. ”I have had it with your uppity, bullish ways. If you have bones to pick with the Manager, feel free to go and do so.”

”It is not my problem that you don’t want to share the limelight with someone else. I am here now! Deal with it!”

”Besides, who actually appointed you the queen of this runway, if I may ask?”

They were getting all hot and ready to have a full-fledged shouting match…when Jerry the male mannequin bellowed at them.

”Girls, girls, calm down.” ”No fighting or gouging out your eyes!”

You will frighten potential customers away!” He chastised. ”That will surely earn both of you a relegation to the store.”

”Come on ladies, try and work together for pity’s sake.” He muttered as he sub-consciously ran a check over his suit to ensure that it was lint-free.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Jennifer at INK and QUILL has invited me to participate in 5 day photo story challenge.

Challenge Guidelines:

Post a picture each day, for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominates another blogger

I inviteΒ afairymindΒ  a fabulous blogger and story teller, to join the photo story challenge. I look forward to reading from you if you choose to participate. Enjoy πŸ™‚



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