Bridegroom Wanted! Urgently!…

Groom wanted

Tess stares around her tiny, sparsely furnished apartment in contemplation.

Her last purchase, a lovely ornate antique mirror, found during one of her forays in a delightful rustic gem of a store, stood in a corner, reflecting the soft glow of the early morning sun.

Time to go foraging for more things, she thinks. Those antique stores sell all manners of lovely odds and ends with lots of character and a story lurking somewhere in the background. ”That hand carved chest of drawers was simply gorgeous.” ”I wonder if it’s still available?”

Slowly but surely, her bohemian taste in furnishing her apartment will be a signature of hard won independence. It had been a major feat to move out of her parents home.

“Who still lives with their parents in their late 20’s, in this day and age?”

Her thought of age draws her like magnet to the mirror.

She stares a bit sullenly at her reflection, pursing her lips as she assessed herself from side to side.

Her figure is still arresting. Flat taut tummy and nicely shaped rump. Lovely peaks – check √

”Not bad at all, if I must say so myself, she thinks in her head.”

”I may not be drop dead and roll over gorgeous but I sure look good!”

”Those heated gazes of appreciative eyes when I traipse down the street cannot be a lie”, she reasons.

”Yet here I am a week to the big Three 0 and no flicker of romance in my life”, her musings carried on.
A critical look at the mirrored face does not yield a wrinkle.”Not yet”, she utters thankfully.

”Not a birthday to look forward to.” ”Going over to the house, mama, as usual will be looking at me in expectation of news as if I can conjure a husband with the wave of a wand.”

”Hmm! Maybe, it’s really time to try this online dating!” ”I will talk to Kate to give me the low-down.”

It seems to be going alright with her new online boo – after many disasters, but like they say, you may need to kiss several frogs before you find your prince….

To be continued..

From my neighbours chest of drawers, the interesting things that I found:

A tribute toΒ The ageing from Lavanya’s chambers.

The mind of a child from A Momma’s view

Without Hope all is lost.

Writers block dissolver system found via the stables of Wallace Cass

Fascinating peeks of India’s holy city of Benares discovered through the auspices of Christian Mihai.

Just a few 5 daily reminders for you.

I found this article of very the intelligent idiot humourous. πŸ˜‰

These crafts are truly delightful πŸ™‚

I really lub dis one shown to me by Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes really warmed my heart.

As much as possible, I tried not to allow my mind and heart to be affected by racial inflections but sometimes you read something that tugs at you like when you are born black.

That’s it from me folks.

It’s a good day today. Be blessed and enjoy your weekend.

Who would like to dance with me? Puhleeeez πŸ˜‰

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

37 thoughts on “Bridegroom Wanted! Urgently!…

  1. Hope Tess wouldn’t have to kiss too many frogs o!

    That was an adorable baby in “When you’re born black” and “the intelligent idiot” is one funny guy… only managed to checked out those. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  5. Instead of Tess looking in the mirror on her wall perhaps she should look in the mirror on her soul…I did dance with you now I invite you to dance with me…I was going to post the link but I was afraid it would put the YouTube picture up too so I refrained in case you were opposed to that, but it is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars…there’s no way you can’t dance when that plays too!! πŸ™‚

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