Yay! My First Poetry Vlog 1… Please don’t throw tomatoes or your shoes at me ;)

♥ Love Rations ♥

When you batter me with the whip lash of your looks
And the coldness of your words,
My heart and soul shrivels from the lack of warmth.

As the icicles that drips from your eyes
Pierce my veins and leaves them frozen.

Your deliberate silence and denial
A negligence to my needs.

Your withdrawal of your love at will
Causes a ponder of thoughts.

If love is a chip to bargain with,
And we play chess with our hearts,
To determine who wins this game of shooting the darts.

Should your love be doled out in rations,
Dependent on my emotional engagement,
Or your emotional intelligence of the moment?

Taunting me with fast promises,
That fails to feel full.
Always leaving me with the need for some more.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Please click on the link to listen in and leave your candid thoughts, advice, constructive criticisms. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Yay! My First Poetry Vlog 1… Please don’t throw tomatoes or your shoes at me ;)

  1. You have a beautiful voice, Jacqueline. 🙂 Is the background music an accompaniment? It seems to flow well with your rhythm. Nice! Perhaps, next time you could rotate your phone 90 degree, so that when we view, it’s full screen. But this is not a big issue. 🙂 (I guess you are using your phone to record, but correct me if I’m wrong) On the whole, it’s lovely! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Beautiful poem. Very good questions to wonder and need thoughtful answers to. You have a lovely speaking voice. Your voice is melodic and expressive in the right places. Great job on the YouTube video, that’s a feat to speak somewhere so many people will hear you speak. The line about icicles created a good picture for me as did the mixing of games, as if to say you were tired of playing games.

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  3. I love it! Your voice is gorgeous and you are gorgeous and I love to hear you read poetry! This is a poem you said you just scribbled down? I like hearing it from you so I can hear it in the manner with which it’s written, if that makes sense! It’s also fun knowing what you actually sound like so I can now “hear” you in your writing!

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    • It makes a whole lot of sense. We were actually at a restaurant hence the music in the background which I like. The couple sitting not too far looked like they were in the midst of a misunderstanding and though they spoke in heated low voices, the lady looked miserable, which simply made start scribbling *I always carry a tiny note pad with me*. I am happy that you like it and you just paid me such wonderful compliment. I sincerely appreciate your support 🙂

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  4. Darling Mwa! You really look beautiful 😀 and an amazing beautiful teeth as the words flowed out, Congratulations,That was a test run,to show us that nothing is impossible, Just do it. And you just did. I believe the music was a great accompaniment,you might consider using background sound as you go on with it. Ride on Sis 😀

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  5. Fantastic idea! What a pleasure to hear your beautiful voice and see your beautiful face! I love when the writer narrates –it feels so much more authentic because they know exactly how to emphasize their own words to convey the meaning! Wonderful video for a lovely poem!

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  6. My first thought: Wow, you are beautiful! I found your voice calming and relaxing (maybe the background music added to it?). But I would definitely like to hear more. Congratulations on your first video! Hope there will be more!


  7. How nice to see you. You are as lovely as your words ! ☺ If that is your idea of scribbling…wow. Keep going. You have a perfect voice to do a vlog, a very melodic quality. I’d lose the background noise (restaurant music), but I understand the spontaneity of the moment. Well done, Jacqueline. 💖

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  8. Wow! Dear Jacqueline, you are absolutely gorgeous like your writings. You’ve got such a beautiful voice and you are what I call – black, bold and beautiful. 🙂 This was a good job. Keep going! All the best to you in your dreams. Cheers! 🙂

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  9. I won’t throw tomatoes, instead I hand you flowers. Everything about you is beautiful Jackie…from your voice, to your countenance, to your words. You are the full package, my dear. Welcome to your calling!!! *stands and applauds*

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  10. If this is your first one, I should say Bravo! This is the first time I read the poetry and heard the video and both were good! A nice idea that. Hope you will write and record many more!

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  11. Quite…Ok, wait.
    First of all, you are incredibly beautiful my dearest Jacqueline! But they say that outward appearances are a reflection of the soul sometimes 🙂
    Second, that was wonderfully written and spoken! It was a pleasure to actually hear your voice! The only thing: I wish the music wasn’t so loud so I could hear every word as clear as day. But you can only control so much.
    Thanks for sharing! Take care!

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  12. You are brave and beautiful and have a lyrical voice and a magical way with words. And Bravo on your first vlog. Did I mention brave? Yes. Amazing job!!!


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  15. I love that you did this! Why would you think anyone would throw stuff at you? You read so well and it’s fantastic that you did it on the spot, spontaneous. Great idea and really wonderful to see you in video and hear your voice. Enjoyed the next one too and look forward to seeing and hearing more of poetry vlogs 🙂 super well done 🙂

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