I have a little quirk, but so do you…

Quirks are idiosyncratic habits that distinguishes us as individuals.1455205959464[1]

It may not necessarily be peculiar to us, but those close to us identify us with these little quirks which can be sometimes amusing or annoying.

It may or not be found attractive by your close ones, but they live with it out of love for you 😉

Please, there is a huge difference between bad manners and quirkiness. They are not interchangeable.

Some people behave badly and bad manners is not cute, period! I just had a little rant post, about such here.

For instance back home, we have something they call ‘African time’ it totally gets on my nerves.

You invite people for a ‘do’ that is scheduled to start at 2pm and they turn at 5pm and it’s viewed as normal.

I respect people’s time, so, whenever we are invited out back home, I will want to go on time, but my husband, will drag his feet until two hours later before we leave and truth be told, he is usually right, because others start arriving at that time and we are not left coming too early and possibly catching the hostess still in her hair net and night gown.

Personally, I had a habit of eating out of my husbands plate and feeding him tidbits of the day’s events. I wonder why his food always looked tastier – meanwhile, I am the one that prepared it.

The poor guy was askance and it took a while for him to get used to my dipping into his plate.

Funny enough, I have let go of this habit, which I got to realize that I picked up from my mother who used to do exactly the same thing with my dad all through their lives together. I was becoming my mother.

I let it go because my husband tends to eat late and it wasn’t helping my weight matters, now, he is the one trying to coax me to join him – looking for a partner in crime of eating late, though on some days he succeeds in persuading me 😉

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Shaking My Head…A Little Blogging Thought

Sometimes, you read some things that make you shake your head in wonder.1455163144750[1]

It makes you realize that even though humans are inherently selfish, some have extra doses of it.

Here I am feeling happy with my stats that seems to be jumping up in bits and I read someone’s blog only to hear them complain about having just 500 views which they consider as ‘piddling views.’

How ungrateful is that? In my opinion, you ought to be grateful for even one view!

It’s a privilege that people come to your site to read your articles and not your right. They are not obliged to do so.

Maybe, you should consider paying for the views, that way, the line would grow so long, hmm?

You ain’t no superstar yet, so just why do you think that 500 views are piddling for you when there are so many other bloggers who are scrounging for 100 views?

What have you been doing for these faithful readers of yours, that should make them glad to be around you?

Possibly, Ziltch, Nada, Nothing, Rien.

Maybe, you don’t even bother to read other peoples blogs, because you are too busy feeling like God’s gift to blogging Earth and caught up in your own World.

We all want millions of views, but it comes at a price and with  lots of sacrifices.

I keep reminding myself each day that ‘yes, I love the stats, but I should never lose focus on the reason why I am writing.’

When you lose focus on why it is that you are mingling with others, you stand the chance of becoming ungracious.

You stand the chance of developing unnecessary anxiety over the numbers and spend all your time comparing notes.

Appreciate where you are at each point in time. Adjust if need be.

Otherwise, not only will you begin to suck, but over time, your blog will suck as well.

Attitude is everything and I honestly can’t stand selfish people.

There it is! I have had my little rant and I hope someone will read this and make some sense out of it, especially the whiner.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

You Are Banished! Go To Your Room 101!…Ranting

What a delightful way to cast my baleful eyes and vent at some poorly behaved humans while having fun doing it as

Thank you my dear Amanpan for your generous  invitation.

Now, I don’t have to feel bad for using my imperial power of thinking to banish some people 😉

Here are my nominees:


Fun simplicity



Element healing

I have a tidy list of offenders that I would like to banish to their room, but I will just stick to five as specified.

  • That ungentlemanly behaved fellow that traveled up the 43rd floor with me, on a lift that stopped on every floor. He was ‘Chewing gum so loudly’ and blowing the bubbles like a total ass. I love to chew gum but not in a clackety clack manner, right in someone’s face. I felt like taking the gum and sealing his lips for just a few seconds, but only managed to give him a malevolent look 😉
  • Loud phone calls in public. I love people watching quite alright and eavesdropping occasionally, but for the life of me, I don’t want to know everything about your life that you must have your entire conversation right in my ears in your loud voice. Save the quarrel for when you get home or wherever it is. I sat in the bus beside a lady and my bus ride which was taken as a pleasure to Deira market turned into a cacophony of hisses and heated argument of a lady and whoever it was at the other end for a whole 45 minutes and unfortunately, I did not have my headphones with me.
  • Can you make up your mind? Keeping everyone else waiting while you dash off to get the tomatoes, then the milk, then the stick of butter, then a loaf of bread. Geez! Make a shopping list please.
  • The man blocking the plane aisle with his over-sized carry on which cannot fit and we all have to queue behind him whilst he tries to squash it in by force, with all the extras that he has as well. What happened to checking it in?
  • I know it seems the in-thing these days, but for the love of heaven, can that lady with the need to show some extra cleavage cover up a bit more of those mammary glands and young man, by the way, I don’t think I want to see your butt-crack either. Thank you very much.

I would have loved to continue, but I have to stop now. That guy that leaves his sweat all over the machines in the gym drives me crazy 😉

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Award 5 bloggers who fascinate, intrigue or tickle your curiosity with the Room 101 (award) badge logo on their About pages and linking to them in your post.
  3. Tell us the 5 things you would banish to Room 101!
  4. Attach these rules to your post.
  5. Grab your badge above and enjoy adding it to your trophy case, but please be respectful of the creator of the award by never altering the logo and never changing the rules.

Enjoy the rant.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


…And The Eight Cardinal Award Goes To…

Maybe when the seven Cardinal sins was written, ‘selfishness’ had not yet become a cancerous problem that is gradually eating it’s way into the backbone of societal values.

Maybe back then, the sense of Community, empathy and being your brother’s keeper was far more in abundance and the syndrome of eating your cake, other people’s cake and having it, had far more reaching repercussions than today, when for very little selfish reasons, a young man would go on a shooting spree.

Even the seven that were written eons ago are now looked upon as old-fashioned, in a syndrome of our present generation that suffers from acute self gratification of the ‘Me, Myself and I alone and the entire World can go to Hell in a hand basket.’

Who knows? If they could possibly re-write it, they should add Selfishness with a promise of Extra dose of Hell-Fire, Brimstone and Iodine for cleaning the burnt sores, that might result in having less selfish humans on Earth.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

(Hat tip to 99 Problems and Done for suggesting a deadly sin-themed prompt!)



Nope! You Can Never Go Wrong…

People watching is a social science hobby that I spend quite a bit of my time engaging in. Observing people in recent times, some of the little things I see shows that there some fine redeeming human values which seems to be at loss these days. I am quite sure a good number of you would have observed these things as well.1453956311834[1]

Two days ago, I watched an elderly lady who was counting her steps struggle with the few things that she had and a couple of the items fell from her hands.

She paused briefly, bending gingerly to try and gather them and from my observation, she probably has Arthritis.

My natural instinct was to run up and help her, unfortunately my distance was a little far off to offer immediate assistance.

Meanwhile, two young men, probably in their mid-to-late twenties stood two steps away from this lady, puffing away on their cigarettes and not one of them bothered to render a helping hand to a woman who looked old enough to be their mother.

For all you know, they were probably busy videoing her difficulty for their YouTube Channel, which seems to be the new thing these days.

People would rather spend time shooting a video of a dying man in an accident instead of figuring out how to help.

I honestly had to curb my desire to make my way over and give them a talk or two about chivalry, they might not take it well.

However, I gave them a thorough scolding in my head 😉 and reminded myself that I have to keep teaching my boys how to be gentlemen.

By extending a hand of fellowship or help no matter how little to those around us who need it, we can never go wrong. We are actually not just helping others, but staying in touch with our humanity.

These are some little nuggets of quotes that you might wish to spend a couple of seconds on.

‘Instruction in youth, is like engraving in stone.’ African Proverb

The old woman looks after the child to grow its teeth and the young one in turn looks after the old woman when she loses her teeth.’ African Proverb

‘We rise by lifting others.’ Robert Ingersoll

Several dear bloggers have invited me for quote challenges and each day, the invitation increases by a notch.

I don’t like to let these things trail for so long, but I also don’t like to just toss quotes out there with nothing to say about them.

I try to look at the things that I observe around me and let them serve as lessons or inspirations for my thoughts.

I would like to thank Sepultura and That Little Voice for their generous invitation extended to me, to participate in the quotes challenge and would like to invite the following bloggers below to take up the quote baton and run with it.


Sheridan Johnson


No pressures at all. Just go with it if you wish to.

The Little Rules are:

  1.     Post three consecutive days.
  2.     You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.     Challenge three different bloggers per day

My regards,

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong, But I Beg To Disagree!…a little rant.


Maybe I am wrong to rant, but allow me to stew a bit in some of my righteous indignation juices 😉

I came across a post with regards to blogging etiquette and best practices and I would like to holler a bit.

A blogger friend had to start extra blogs based on another bloggers advise to break down her current blog into different blogs, because they deemed it that her articles on devotion do not fit in with articles concerning her mental health and I am like what?

In essence, the advise is that for a mental health blog, all that is expected of the blog are issues about the person’s mental health and depression. How depressing is that? Is that all that her life is about?

Who decides these things and makes these rules? I feel that humans who tend to make this suggestion have issues with other peoples happiness and therefore decides that a person who has mental ill health has no business praying :/

I am still struggling to grasp and understand so maybe someone will educate my poor mind a bit more.

The ‘so-called blog experts’ say that your blog must be themed to be deemed worthwhile and to get like-minded followers. I don’t need only like-mindedness. I love variety and its that simple.

It’s all a matter of choice, or isn’t it? My blog, my rules 😉

To me, it sounds a bit as if she is being asked to break herself into compartments *the blog represents* her to me.

Some of us write not necessarily to score points and what not, but because we find healing in our hearts by doing so. We write because we hope that our words will encourage someone else out there, even if it is just one person.

Why do we like to put ourselves in manacles and strictures? Actively managing one blog can be hectic not to talk of two or three.

Some of us just want to share our mundane conundrums without having some persnickety human, pointing fingers at where you should fit in x or y and souring the juice of fun in the blog.

Very soon, they would want us all to turn into little wound up robots, all saying the same thing and fitting into one tiny box.

Typically, I dislike stereotyping and labeling.  I see it as being narrow-minded, when we assume just a little too much.

If someone who has mental health issues or any other issues for that matter, cannot have a category in his/her blog where he/she connects with his/her intrinsic self, as well as show her readers her self-help survival tips through her devotionals, just how dry do you want the blog to be?

What if a reader is not inclined to follow all the other blogs they have started because they like the original one-stop shop of a blog? Then I suppose they should just be contented in losing their readers.

Mental ill-health or any ill-health is not who the individual is, but a condition that he/she has.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

All Fagged Out…


The days float by a bit too fast! Before we can blink, January will pass.

The holiday excitement and adrenaline rush of weeks is down to zilch and now my body is experiencing fatigue and withdrawal syndrome.

All I want to do is to sleep for days to re-calibrate but alas, no such leisure for this mom.

The children resume school tomorrow and my brain is not yet ready for the frenetic bout. Yes, the week starts on Sunday’s in UAE, just in case you wonder.

Come on! The school break is over already! Boo, Hoo, Hoo. I am wailing loud 😦

Anyway, life continues.

I think I will just get some early shut eye.

Nothing like a wee snooze to set things aright.

Tomorrow let the hustle begin.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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