The toughest job of my life…

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Being a parent is about the hardest job ever! I am learning invaluable lessons every day about being a mother. From one stage of your children’s lives to the next, the dynamics keep changing and your job as a mother simply never ever stops.

Our job as mothers is not about fixing our children’s lives, but primarily to teach them how to live as best as they can, how to cope, how to rise again and again, ‘cos when they become adults, life’s problems don’t go away – they simply morph into adult problems and all we have taught them as parents will serve them well.

No matter how earnestly we might wish it differently, we can’t fix everything. Sometimes, we have to let our children figure things out for themselves. Sometimes, we have to stay by the sidelines, on our knees bowed in prayer, waiting for them to come to the other side.




15 thoughts on “The toughest job of my life…

  1. Excellent. We have to guide them into making choices and learn to deal with life. If we do not allow them to fix their lives they will not be able to stand for themselves as an adult. Raising children has never been easy each era has or had it is difficulties. Great points to think about.

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  2. We have to make them capable of figuring out solutions to their problems, by giving them enough opportunities to learn thru their mistakes and by exposing them to the outer world. Sadly i think i have failed in tjis by being a protective parent.


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