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Tomatoes, tomatoes, to buy some fresh things….

For several weeks now, I’ve been more adventurous with food and have been paying extra attention to eating generous portions of fresh fruits and veggies more than I possibly did last year and I must say that I see good results ‘cos my skin certainly feels clearer and my bowels happier 🙂

While foraging for my weeks’ supply, I ran into these luscious Riccio Fiorentino tomatoes in the organic section and was certainly attracted to them due to their deep red colour and their trademark ridges. I do love eating tomatoes and learnt to juice and eat them fresh like my daddy, however, I certainly balk at spending a king’s ransom on vegetables.

I thought I could just buy a kilo or two but was forced to drop them like hot potatoes when after it was weighed the cost of my 6 tomatoes was enough to buy me my entire basket of vegetables for the week.  I felt a bit disappointed and settled for my regular everyday tomatoes all the while thinking of the sweet, rich flavour of those beauties.

Am I the only one who feels that the prices of these organic products are most times irritatingly exorbitant and exaggerated?


9 thoughts on “Tomatoes, tomatoes, to buy some fresh things….

    1. Totally a great idea to grow one’s own. Sadly, due to the arid nature of this place, it takes a whole lot of diligence to grow things here. Sadly, I don’t have the space otherwise I would have given growing simple herbs and veggies a try.

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  1. I agree, the cost of living where I living increases weekly and I refuse to pay over priced food. We are getting more imported food and there is no need for it. The country is very self-sufficient. I have sifted through the souq sellers after shouting at them about their prices or they think I will pay because I am foreign. I tell them they are greedy. I would not know if the produce is organic or not. This is not important here. I go by the quality, price and honesty of the seller. Hopefully will grow some of my own soon.


  2. One of the best things to happen to organic food in San Francisco was a decision by Whole Foods to open a large store across from Safeway. Safeway immediately launched its own organic products and priced them below almost everything else. .


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