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Just A Thought For You…Monday Inspiration

Defer your judgement and keep possibilities open. When we judge everything: people, products, behaviour etc before we’ve had the opportunity to decide if they are good or bad we pigeonhole it and lock it down; we simply kill the opportunity for such possibilities to be.


16 thoughts on “Just A Thought For You…Monday Inspiration

  1. Agreed though we have to be discerning in order to look after ourselves. We have to heed our previous lessons. There are always good and bad within all things, and we have to look to the good to keep our positivity. I constantly live in hope as I go about my days.

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  2. I am not sure about giving people second or third chances. In my personal life, I would rather be judgmental even though it goes against my religion and my personal beliefs. I am trying ! I am trying !

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