Donating Parts of My Body…Just A Thought

Would you donate your body parts? The thought of death always seems such a morbid topic, but it often comes to my mind especially after losing a loved family member. This is the reality of life; none of us will get out alive so we live with death drawing closer with every tick of the clock.Life, Death, Love, Donating Body Parts

I pray that I will grow well into doddering old age, however, should fate decide otherwise and I cross the bridge whilst parts of me are still useful, would it not be better to give up any part that could help to keep someone else alive?

I know that my culture may not particularly favour such practices, then again, I won’t be needing them again, will I? I reckon that I would be smiling from wherever I am seeing someone else keeping a part of me alive and spreading love.

What’s your take on this? 



29 thoughts on “Donating Parts of My Body…Just A Thought

  1. Yes. I signed up as an Organ Donor years ago. It’s on my Drivers License. Hopefully my idiot cousins will respect my wishes. On the other hand I probably need to make a new Will.

    Heck I’m not gonna need my organs after death so why not help others. I know some believe that God requires you to be whole but plenty of people die in fires and other horrible ways plus it’s your spirit going to Heaven or wherever not your body.

    After the doctors take what organs they need I hope to be cremated. I’ve never had a desire to live to see old age and since so many of my family and friends have died in the last ten years I’m well acquainted with death. I spend more time going to wakes, funerals and memorial services than celebrations. Therefore I’m not fixated on this earth. I’d be honored to help another person after I slip the mortal coil.


    1. You are so right. We shouldn’t keep our minds fixated here ‘cos it’s just transient and indeed the more I think about it the more it makes sense to give parts that can help others especially when we are not going to be using them anyways.


  2. don’t know because so many people’s organs have been taken involuntary or that anyone can be kidnapped and organs removed and sold on the black market. There is technology to use stem cells to develop into organs otherwise the human body parts should not be commodities…..


  3. My husband was a recipient of a lung and lived three years after his transplant, three years he would not have had with his family and friends. I have signed up as an organ donor, knowing that someone somewhere may need my eyes, my lungs, my skin, my heart. Hopefully a recipient will enjoy a longer life by receiving a gift from me.

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    1. I’m so happy that you were able to share three more years with your dear husband. And I congratulate your being an organ donor. I have never given it much thought before now. To all our charitable and altruistic motives, I can only say ‘welldone’! We have to take that charity further though and not deprive the donor of life just for the sake of sustaining the life of another.
      And even before the big action of organ donating, let’s donate a lot now – our time, our smiles, our love, forgiveness, prayers, food, water, clothing, visits, kindness, help, good advice, name it. I find it not only a good preparation for organ donating but also as an excellent preparation for death itself which will come someday.


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