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His Words Don’t Mean Much…

HIS excuses are simply weak and empty. Using mental ill-health of the shooter as a crutch to hide behind getting the right Bills passed and doing the absolutely needful to see that the tragedy of mass murder is not a recurring decimal is the most important thing.

Mass killing should never become a norm. We should never become apathetic to such occurrences. With every incident and every loss, we lose a bit of our soul. One should never say ‘oh well‘ and shrug it off because it hasn’t happened to their loved one. At the rate these situation is degenerating you have to wonder, ‘who’s next?

When a person has been identified as a mentally ill patient, what is done to ensure that they receive the medical attention and help that they need? Is it now the right time to talk about the Elephant in the room or do we continue expressing ‘thoughts and prayers’ whilst waiting for the next barrage of killing from a sick him or her?

Words don’t mean much without action and if other Nations are able to keep these kinds of tragedies at bay then America and Her Congress owe her citizens a duty of safety and freedom of life.

SoCS – His/Her


8 thoughts on “His Words Don’t Mean Much…

  1. The President, Congress and Senate can stop the bloodshed but they won’t. They are in league or cahoots with the NRA and the gun companies. Profits mean more than people’s lives. Actually gun violence is an everyday occurrence in America. Only the big ones are televised but someone gets shot and killed every day possibly every few minutes. The NRA is in control. A sad fact of American life. Anybody can get a gun in this country. Nobody is really doing any background checks and the NRA is there to make sure that there will be no strong gun control laws and guns get into the hands of any nut who wants one. Money talks. Everything else walks.

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  2. Totally agree! I have written about this in my past 3 posts. I just can’t get it out of my mind. I am so sick of these shootings happening! We need to take action and we need to do it now!


    1. Sis, it’s been a while. Life has been bashing me up and down but I thank God for grace and sustenance. This issue of mass shooting is just dreary and I am stupefied at the fact that this has gone on for this long without any solution in sight. Just sad!

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