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So Whispers My Soul…

Balance, Peace, Calm, Life, Making It Work

Sometimes hurting sits like a heavy rock that sinks your spirit,

sometimes pain leaves tracks wider than a railroad,

sometimes despair runs so deep that it seems bottomless,

sometimes giving up becomes a relief that beckons so softly;


Those times when life has become such trying tedium,

that getting through each day seems an untold hardship,

I hate to offer platitudes that this too shall pass,

but my soul whisper to yours, don’t you ever give up!


Words I share with you, I share with myself,

the encouragement that I give you, I give to myself,

for I’ve found that whoever we are and wherever we are from,

we are all the same balancing our struggles on this journey called life.



Don’t give up on today, you have no idea what tomorrow has to offer. Just wait and see 





6 thoughts on “So Whispers My Soul…

  1. This is a fascinating way to approach the subject.
    In the States we have an expression, Beating your head against a brick wall.
    For 25 days I literally had a splitting headache every day. Finally the pain got so bad it drove me to the doctor. My blood pressure skyrocketed.
    Shortly after that my laptop died. I got the message and closed my writing blog. Sometimes it’s better to let go, turn loose and admit that the dream is a fantasy. I stopped trying to be Wonder Woman. I’m lucky to be alive.


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