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Need…Save A Friend!

Support, Together, Helping Hands

It hurts my soul
to see people in need
and I can’t help
not because I don’t want to help
but because I don’t have the means
and in such moments
I despise my lean pocket.

How can you be my brother’s keeper when you barely have enough bread to break? Yes, you can! If you’ve got a dollar, that’s a whole lot of coins!Image result for quotes about helping others

Please know that reaching out to share with others is not only when your basket of fish is overflowing, you can have one fish and still share out of it. I run into people – both online and in real time – who are in dire need of support and it leaves my heart aching when I am not able to assist as much as I would like to assist.

I know a number of great folks who have left blogging due to difficulties in sustaining themselves. To exist becomes a hardship when you know or see that no one cares, not to talk about thriving. Please don’t be in a haste to discount those whom you see in these tight corners – life happens.

Help, Help, and Help. There’s a sister amongst us in the blogging community whose constraints are quite dire right now and needs our support – I prefer not to call names for privacy sake, but she reached out to me.

If you can assist her through me, no gift is too small, please do so. Here’s my PayPal link.

On my honour, you have my word that whatever is raised through this means will be given to our friend. Thank you for your generosity.


Image result for quotes about helping others

Let us not fold our hands in anticipation that others should do that which we can help to do. Together, we can.  Jacqueline

P.S. Because of how important this issue is to me, I want to give this post priority and will not be sharing another post today.


20 thoughts on “Need…Save A Friend!

  1. There are so many people in need. Here, our homeless numbers are increasing and the winter has been bitterly cold. A small group of us put together packages every week to take to the homeless shelters who have run out of funding at a time when they need it most! I offer a heartfull of love and blessings – may the abundance of generosity flow to all those in need

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    1. I understand that. Many take advantage of others, but we can’t because of the ill tendencies of some refuse to show compassion when needed. The problem with society today is the hardening of heart that we are experiencing. It’s just material wealth that would not enrich anyone and I give what I can without judgement or strings attached. This person in question I have followed for long and know a bit about their background story. The fundraising is my own initiative with the hope to offer a little succour.
      Thanks for the caution.

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  2. I have only my prayers to offer, but giving is more than monetary. I believe the Good Lord has blessed us by creating; people to pull together & help each other, i.e. Texas & British Columbia Canada Wildfires everywhere, Earth Quakes. Disasters need money. It is after all, not OUR money; it is GOD’S money. Many Blessings,
    Peace to you.

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  3. Dear Jacqueline. What a wonderful thing to do for a friend, i am sure she appreciates this.
    I am sorry i can’t help. I am struggling with my finances too, as I’ve had to accept a part time position that only just pays my apartment rent…I feel like you – I’d really like to help.
    Please send you friend my best wishes and the hope that things will get easier for her.
    take care
    – Carly


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