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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Do step in and show some love.

Scare scars I gave up spooky movies way back because there’s already enough in life to be horrified over. I love how Roo ties this post with valuable life lessons.

Fear is a monster hiding under our beds. When we give it place it will rob our joy from even the best times.

This N That with me Have you been to Sarah’s yet? Sarah has a way of making me smile with her succinct posts. Do go in and get acquainted.

How to discover your purpose  “The discovery of purpose is a journey, the fulfilment of purpose is the pinnacle of achievement.” read more of this enlightening post.

24 hours A story that leaves you wanting to know how it all turned out.

A surprising and disturbing discover Pt 3 If you’ve been following this series you would want to know what our in-house investigator found 🙂

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