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That will cost you A thought-provoking good read to start the day with. In the author’s words below:

We artificially inseminate our lives with isolation, disconnection, and cocoon in disappointment. The knock at the door is the same; what will this cost if I choose to never try again? Maybe it is worth it to re-engage in the things I place a high value on. If I stay stunted it could cost me and I might forfeit the very reason I’m alive! Just maybe, in fact, it is worth it. We might need to risk again.

Staying on top of work I know that many of us wonder where the day ran off to especially when you look at your to-do list with tons of stuff still left to do. This post is a simple tip that would help.

How I see myself Encouraging, inspiring, eye-opening post to say the least.

Nanowrimo memes Ha,ha! This made me chuckle a bit. I know how tough writing NaNo is.

October Fall Take a walk in the park, listen to music, enjoy it while the weather still permits such decadence 🙂

Full of memories Some posts turn me into a watering pot. Beautiful, sad, poignant and yes, beautiful. Listen to the music too 🙂

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