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Do step in and show some love.

Could I have just a little more time? I read this heartfelt post and could empathize as well as relate. There are those moments in time when we wish that we could switch time just a wee bit, but each day, life teaches me a lesson that the love we receive from our loved ones is given freely despite our warts and all.

Life Cameos I totally enjoy Life Cameo’s poetry’s and prose. She has a way of bringing everyday people and life into words that leave me satisfied as though I read a full novel in few stanzas.

Dear Self Lovely post and idea. I think I’ll write myself a letter for Christmas.

Teeny tiny itty bitty One word is cute. How do people fit into this itty, bitty cars?

How do you define a good woman? Who is a good woman? Are you the exceptional Proverbs woman? Well, I, Jacqueline ain’t one! A thought-provoking read for you.

‘Do you want more eyes on your words?’

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