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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

True Power Well articulated post with points that I think a lot of today’s women need to focus on.


Weather Moving locations on a rainy day. God’s speed to Washington Roo 🙂

Water is Life Robert writes a beautiful, thought-provoking yet soothing post with a flavour of exotic. I enjoyed reading this and learning a few things.

Adolf Hitler – A tale of rejection I have read stories of Hitler and how he was maltreated as a child, but that doesn’t cut it for me. There are many others who have had worse on their plates in life and they didn’t become horrific personalities, their adversities made them more empathetic. Below is my comment to this post.

I believe that one chooses to be hateful. Yes, his upbringing may have been sad and pitiful, there are those who have had worse and didn’t turn into living monsters. There’s really no excuse for the monstrosity and horrible acts that this man perpetrated on humanity.

Can’t Stand The Pledge What are your thoughts on the pledge? Do you take a knee or stand? What are your thoughts on this interesting perspective?

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