Polaroid – A Click A Day

Times keep changing and so does technology. I saw this dummy replica of an old camera and remembered the old polaroid cameras my parents used back in the days to capture our startled, say cheese expressions for the family album.

We called them ‘wait and take,’ photos. It was fascinating as a child to watch the photo slide out mere minutes after it was taken. Now, digital rules the World.



15 thoughts on “Polaroid – A Click A Day

  1. I had a couple very like that Jacqueline and thought they were great. It was funny a couple of weeks ago to find Polaroid still do them as do another firm. I’d have thought they were dead in the water now.
    xxx Massive Weekend Hugs xxx

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  2. All the old camera types are so interesting. I used to have a Polaroid ‘Swinger’. Those were just little b&w photos, but fun. Those photos are still just as good as when I took them, too. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day, and your weekend is lots of fun!

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  3. We used to go on Polaroid scavenger hunts. Each team was given a list of photos to get — like “your entire team is at least five feet off the ground.” (The winning entry for that one — they climbed up on a billboard!). The problem was the photos didn’t hold up so well over time.


  4. Until 2009 I kept every camera I ever owned, including a Kodak Brownie box 😉 I had a ’63-ish Polaroid, but donated it when finding the film cartridges became prohibitive to use it. Thanks for the flashback. ❤


  5. This is such a cute polaroid camera! I’ve gone to lots of thrift stores to try to find old polaroid cameras like these and I’m always fascinated with how many of them I can find. I currently use the new fujifilm mini instax 8 and it’s so perfect. Taking pictures with my polaroid camera is a hobby of mine. Check out of my blog if you want to see some photos I’ve taken 🙂

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