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Just hold on – Writers quote Wednesday challenge.


I believe and have faith in love
for in it lies immeasurable strength
Even on day’s when my faith in humanity
diminishes to micro pieces
that it won’t even match a mustard seed
On such days, I look up to the heavens
and facing the sky
I let the shadows fall behind.

There are moments when faith
is all that have
to propel me forward and hold me upright
On such days, I clasp my thin flicker of faith
like a loving companion and cloak
and allow its strength to seep into me
till my hope rises again.

There are moments
when the future might look bleak to us
when so much seems to be going wrong
in such moments
we turn to faith in hope
that the future will look brighter
if only we can hold on.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns – Anne Lamott

Faith does not make things easy, but makes them possible – Luke 1:37

Writing this week’s prompt ‘Faith’ for WQWWC after days of minds battered with all that’s happening around us is a welcome reprieve even though it’s a hard topic. A hard topic to write on when it’s seems as though the World is momentarily going berserk and my faith in humanity dwindles.

Then again, if we completely lose our faith, then all hope is truly lost and we’ll find ourselves living in a World that’s not only pessimistic and negative, but will become a highly toxic World.

So, I’ll hold onto my flicker of faith that love will always win and my faith comes from above.

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Out of the silent breath

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17 thoughts on “Just hold on – Writers quote Wednesday challenge.

  1. Jacqueline, you totally got my theme this week. That is the way that I felt too. The world is full of ugliness right now. I have faith that humanity will pull through this rough patch. We have to… We have no choice. I really think we should stop spreading anything negative and only concentrate on the positive. We can change and control the mood of the world! ❤

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