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Assumed conversation – Every day beautiful people 78

“A conversation is so much more than words: a conversation is eyes, smiles, the silences between the words.” Annika Thor

Can you tell a story from the picture?

Well, here’s my own narration. I enjoy having such little fun 🙂

The imagined conversation. Watch their hand movement:

1st photo – Man in white thobe:Habib, you told me to go there and I did!

2nd photo – I saw nothing.

3rd photo – you misled me, why?

1st photo – Man in shorts kept quiet

2nd photo – still quiet but smiling.

3rd photo – my friend, I didn’t mislead you. I have no idea what happened there.

So, what do you see?

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Wonderful, evocative poetry by a talented writer. Left me hungry for more. Jacqueline can write! Linda Bethea

Out of the silent breath

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11 thoughts on “Assumed conversation – Every day beautiful people 78

  1. You have planted that seed.
    I think M I W R is like “look son , just because the weather has got better doesn’t mean you can go showing off a bit of leg. Now we have an oil deal to sign with the U.S.A. put on your white robe and stop trying to be western”

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      1. I wrote a short story this summer called Abu Dhabi time about the perception of life in Abu Dhabi and what goes on. It includes a dialogue with a very curious Emirati man when he gets on the elevator alone with me. Ironically, I comment that I was assured that Emirati men would never approach a single foreign woman for conversation.


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