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For my benefit and yours…personal thoughts


The past week has been a tough struggle to get to my inner place of happiness.

I struggled to isolate my thoughts as I would normally do in order to reach my state of sanctuary because I was troubled by World events.

I may not be able to isolate myself from the goings on because I also have an interest in life around me after all, no man is an Island, but for self-preservation, one has to separate themselves from time to time so as not to get lost in the deluge of happenings that cascades all over us.

My husband always says that I am too sensitive and possibly naive to an extent that things still manage to shock me.

I would have thought that having personally been through several valleys and shadows of death in my life, that I would have come up toughened, but I realise that the deepness of my scars actually makes me more vulnerable, more sensitive to others, more empathetic and possibly more naive at my wonder at life.

Our happiness should never be hinged on anything temporal because our truest form of peace comes from within.

At moments like this when I search inside me or through the Bible for words of courage, love and understanding, I am surprised how old knowledge takes on new meaning.

“We are told that in everything, we should give thanks to God.” for example 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Ephesians 5:20

It’s a hard sell to give thanks when it’s easier to be grumpy.
It’s a hard sell to a grieving soul.
It’s a hard sell to someone fighting for their lives.
It’s a hard sell for so many reasons….

but as I continued to reflect on this in my mind, the Truth of giving thanks and being grateful expanded.

We give thanks not because we feel obliged to do so and not because of what we may have, but because it actually uplifts our minds.

We give thanks not because our lives are great, but because it could be worse and it expands the little we have to more.

Our thankful heart is less grumpy and experiences better health in that state.

Our state of gratitude inadvertently acts as a pep up for our spirit as it insulates our mind with happy hormones and refreshes it.

Truly, the struggle is real in the battlefield of the mind and one must not discount it, but it could be worse when we throw our sense of gratitude to the winds.

Yes, we must continue to advocate for peace, love and understanding. We may continue to remain baffled at the unfolding of events around us and wonder how selfishness has gained such toe-hold that it has become a blinding driver that the conscience of society dies one more inch each day.

However, in all these nerve-wracking things going on, we must never forget to uplift ourselves with thanks. We must never forget our sense of inner self-preservation for our true strength does not lie with the guns since we did not come to Earth bearing pistols in our hands.

A heart mired in ingratitude is indeed a bitter place to be. No matter how little, find something positive to be thankful for. Let it all end in praise.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Out of the silent breath


32 thoughts on “For my benefit and yours…personal thoughts

  1. I truly think that our anger, shock, and grief as to what goes on in the world, is how we can affect change. Yes, it’s good to focus on the good, and not feed into the hate. We are all human and bad things happen in this world. When we hide from talking to our loved one’s and friends about what’s happening, bad things are allowed to happen. Jackie, your inner core is beauty, strength, and positivity, but you are also beautifully human and you feel. Which is why your writing is so eloquent. 🙂 Alexis

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  2. I’ve been feeling the same way Jacqueline. I’m about to finish my own post related to what you express here. Like you its about finding a personal way of interacting and hoping that it spreads a better message.

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      1. Thanks Jacqueline. Sometimes I worry I’m a little too sensitive a soul, with a little bit of fiery Celtic blood mixed in too! I hope to have it up shortly. Thank you 🙂

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  3. What an excellent heart-starter, Jacqueline. You bring to mind a teaching from long ago, to the affect, “When we give sacrificially, not from our abundance but in faith, we free God’s Spirit in us.” That may not be exact, but it’s close 😉 Be blessed and pray it forward my friend.


  4. Somehow, someway…we’ve got to keep our heads up. The evilness that lurks in the shadows would love to steal the joy of all that is good. We cannot let that happen…we just can’t. I’m not a religious person, but Romans 8:28 is a very comforting scripture. All things work together for the good….good not bad.

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    1. Yes indeed T. We can’t let evil overshadow love and all things work together for good. Meanwhile, I just had a voice that says I should do something, so with your permission, I am going to add your blog on my sidebar as my blog partner and as a sign of love, ‘passing it on.’ ( I’ve been charging a nominal fee for it, but I am moved to do this)


      1. Wow! This literally just brought tears to my eyes. This is how you overcome evil….one good act of kindness at a time. I’m extremely appreciative that you would do that for me. You have been a good friend since I’ve met you last year and will forever have a special place in my heart. Thank you Jackie…and I mean that sincerely.

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  5. In everything we should give thanks to God. And no matter how little, it’s wise to find something positive to be thankful for. Optimism leaves hope within us.


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