Killing The Fat…

Virtue the say lies in the mean. In lay man’s term, I should exercise my laziness virtue in moderation.

I have been absolutely so laid back with my workouts and relaxing far too much to be of productive use to anyone except maybe by talking their ears off.

I am grateful for the rest time. Truly, I appreciate these moments of exhaling in-between hectic periods and I am not being mealy-mouthed about this opportunity, especially knowing that the good slice of indulgence will be over next week.

However, today my body got tired of me and begged me to take it for some concerted exercise.

My pillow gave a good fight but lost the battle of the senses.

I am happy and thankful that I got off my backside and got some sweating in. I killed some fat today!

I could practically feel the endorphins and dopamine galloping all the way to my brain in utmost pleasure. Ah! Quelle bliss.

My appreciation goes to all those who took out the time to take a peek at my book cover to help me make a decision.

Nothing prepared me for the fact that choosing a cover could be a pressure. A detail that I had been ignorant of. Ignorance indeed is bliss but can cost you some good sleep. It’s a good pressure and I am happy to be in such a position. I pray that my body will keep winning over the pillow so that I can murder some fat 😉

A heart that knows thanks for friends is a heart that will know many delights. Who or what gives you the delight to be thankful this day?

You can join Colline’s  or Maria Jansson gratitude challenge platforms.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

19 thoughts on “Killing The Fat…

  1. I am thankful for the clouds, for they held back the emerging sun which usually blinds my eyes while driving dear stepdaughter to school. Thank you clouds for having my back today!

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  2. It is this nagging need to sell my book that has been driving me off of my pillow for nearly a year now. I want to sleep but my mind refuses. Good luck my friend.

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