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Go and don’t tell or go tell Do you keep quiet when you should be telling? It’s worth finding out.

Preventing social media from ruining your relationship It’s a fact that social media is affecting relationships, but there are ways to handle it if you are wise. Explore!

Ties that bind in Oba’s borrowed words  below…Hmm! I won’t say much. Find out yourself 🙂

The feeling of hurt and anger overwhelmed her as she responded to her husband.

I know he loves me,so why do I feel rejected by his not wanting to hold my hands?

We’ve forgotten how to be human: From Jill I quote below:

But for a time it seemed that we were on the path to becoming a kinder, more gentle society; a society that was trying to overcome prejudices and see others as different, but not inferior.  But today that trend is reversing.  Today we are regressing back to a society that views all who do not look, act, speak, and think like us as being somehow inferior.  And that is just wrong.

What do I have to say about this read? Gosh! I think it’s a pamphlet every adult, parent, teacher, leader etc should read. Simple in it’s words, but teaches a thousand lessons.

Scuffle on the balcony : If you’ve been following this tale, you must be hooked by now. Mel always ends it on a cliff hanger that leaves you  looking for all the answers. My, my. Excellent writing.

I need these five items If you were stuck, what would you take with you?

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