This Is My Home…personal

Home lies in the beat of my heart.

Home lies in your loving arms

Home is wherever you are

Though I wander seas afar

You’ll always be on my mind.

In my days spent on Earth, my journey through life has taken me many times in so many directions, away from the shores of bricks and mortar that we called home.

From the Eastern part of my country in my childhood days, to the Western part as a young adult, I set up home in many places, but my heart lay in my parents abode.

That was the way it was until I got married and my heart expanded to accommodate some more.

In my years of matrimony, we have perambulated quite a bit. We have moved across countries and continents; from Africa to North America to Middle East and who knows where next.

In these years, I have consistently learnt to shed myself of material knick-knacks that may not make the cut during any move.

I appreciate creature comforts like other human, my cosy bed, the living room, kitchen and dining, but over these years of sojourning, I have learnt in truth, that bricks and mortar may make a house, but home are those who lie in it.

Be it a tent under the stars

Be it a caravan on the plains

Be it a mansion in a beautiful city

My home surely lies with you.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Photo 101


51 thoughts on “This Is My Home…personal

    • A whole lot of memories. They/We do. We miss everything, the big open Houston skies, the library, Barnes & Nobles *none that I have seen here* a lot of the after school activities that they took part in which didn’t cost an arm and a leg, Church activities – for me. The only thing that we’ve not missed is the horrible news of gun shots and fights etc.


  1. My adult life can be described in part as being nomadic. How many places have I lived without feeling I am home, settled in, even after months or years. Too often. To feel truly at home is a blessing, one which is not always easily achieved.

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  2. I’m glad to see you’re participating in the photo 101 course, I’ve signed up for it too! Just waiting for the right moment to snap my photo that shows what home is to me. Loved reading your post, you have a beautiful family 🙂

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  3. Nomadic Jackie! Well done. You have a lovely family. ❤
    Yes, some people don't understand when I tell them that those teeny-weeny knick-knacks don't matter. The moment you leave them behind, you forget about them. Moving around so much teaches one about the futility of acquisitions.
    Europe next! 😉


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