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Tuesdays Trickles…My Thinking Corner 11.

Every Tuesday, I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‘My Thinking Corner.’

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add my link to your post.

I call it my thinking corner because, I actually take out a bit of time just to think through things, encapsulate my thoughts as much as possible and detoxify my mind.

It might work for you in a different way, but the idea is to get the positive thoughts flowing.

Please send in your little thoughts. You never know whose life you might inspire.



♦ When you’ve achieved everything but you failed to love anyone and impact on them positively, you’ve achieved nothing.

♦ Living a more intentional life, leaves little room for waste.

♦ Whatever time that is not used well is lost. You will never get it back again, however, remember that rest is part of it, so that you do not experience diminishing returns from exhaustion. The idea is to create balance.

♦ You don’t have time to join issues with everybody. Choose your battles wisely. If something is not adding any value to your life and purpose, then it is probably not worth wasting valuable energy on.

♦ Your joy is dependent on you and can only be stolen when you allow it to be so.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Our Thinkers Thoughts came in from:

Deb of Bookyglover words are always succinctly stated. Observing these little things can go a long way to a fulfilled life.

Giggles & Tales in Stella’s words ‘Life is a bristle of challenges. Life is filled with ups and downs. But no matter the difficulties, don’t allow it to kill your enthusiasm for success.’ The rest of her wise words can be found in her link.

Kingsoracle sometimes, we need to take those quantum leaps of risks to make any head way. Oba’s words strike a chord in me.

Striving Mom words on taking note of your life lessons are words that we should repeat to ourselves everyday.

A Thomas point of view makes me want to keep striving and so should you.

Anette’s With these three simple things from a Hippie Chick who knows her worth, you’ve got it going right.

Thank you to all the contributors. May these words take roots in our lives and may our harvest be bountiful 🙂

‘So, when will you share those nuggets of wisdom of yours?’


19 thoughts on “Tuesdays Trickles…My Thinking Corner 11.

  1. I totally agree about lost time, when I think back over time I’ve spent with self centred people who can’t or won’t see beyond their own nose it fill me with horror. Thankfully it’s a lesson I’ve learnt!


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