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Midnight Motivation And Musings # 16…


Sometimes, it does seem that once you are on a set path to achieving certain goals, that is when life picks up extra ideas to set all manners of distractions along your way.

It’s however up to you on how you choose to handle the scenarios.

Sometimes, these distractions are those ones that we cannot help and are regarded as ‘life happens.’ In such cases, I always repeat this mantra in my head ‘andย this too shall pass,‘ while trying to stay focused and above the water not to get carried away with the current.

Then sometimes, these distractions come by way of other unreliable andย pessimistic humans whom we allow into our lives.

I don’t believe in playing nice with anyone whose primary ambition and pleasure is to circumvent my growth. I simply find a corner on my shelf that is dusty and disused and place the person there.

There is simply no time to waste with such wet dampening blankets around you.

Remember, you can choose those who dine on your table and send them forth quickly, but you’ve got to be very mindful about those whom you allow to dine in the inner courts of your heart.

ยฉ Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


21 thoughts on “Midnight Motivation And Musings # 16…

  1. Indeed. Those distractions are put there to steer one in the wrong direction thus delaying our next blessing. I have written a few posts on this very thing. Wise woman you are Jacqueline! Blessings!

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