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Midnight Motivations and Musings #13…


I have been talking to people about ‘thoughts’ for days and I keep reiterating this thought process because a whole lot that we are and become lies within our thoughts.

Our thinking mind is our power house and like a fine machine that when it is properly oiled, serviced and tuned, it brings out the best that it has to give and will even yield outstanding results beyond what you thought was possible.

Keep servicing your mind in the right manner and you will find yourself not only pushing the boundaries of your goals, but exceeding your own expectations.

It’s all in the mind.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


27 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings #13…

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Many of us automatically drift into negative-thinking territory when something undesirable happens, so we need to train our brains to find the positive in everything. With practice our thoughts will naturally start drifting toward more positive things. Thanks for the post!


  2. It is so true…we do become our thoughts…Our thoughts dictate our feelings, and then our feelings seem to have a great influence on what we choose to do or not do. It makes me wonder WHY feelings have such strong emotional power—so much stronger than thoughts at times—it is like this warfare going on in my brain! Great post you have here! Stimulated my brain!


  3. Qualification to “Like”: There is a difficulty in saying that power is the goal or purpose of thought, though we know what is commonly meant when people who do not read books of political philosophy say such a thing, assuming that power aims at things good. Tyrants seek not the ends of the appetites per se, but power. So, does the scripture, for example speak this way? Thought is good in itself and good for what comes out of it, if it is good thought! These points are not merely theoretical, but have impacted the history of modern man in fundamental ways. Sorry to get so heavy.


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