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The Things Hanging Around My Neck….

The heaviness of these blings from the awards received by a good number of you is making my neck bow down with it’s weight, that it’s high-time I respond to all of you who have chosen to decorate my heart with your kind thoughts.

I would first like to explain the delay in appreciating these awards.

Primarily, I was considering going award free, but I choose to mull over it for a while.

I like the awards because it fosters a sense of community. Secondly, I think it is good especially for those who are just starting out, because it really boosts morale.

I remember the positive vibes and zing that mine gave me the very first time that I received one, so I decided to stall on my decision to go award free.

However, due to the fact that they take a whole lot of time to put together and from the nominations that keeps coming to me, I wouldn’t want to inundate my readers with award posts every other day. That would become tedious and boring.

I will respond to awards once every quarter to keep it to the barest minimum and by so doing, I still recognize those who gave it to me.

So to get to it, I would like to thank these awesome bloggers below:

The bikini bookworm for the nomination of Spirit Animal blog award.

Perfect The DaysIn cahoots with muddy boots, Deborah Crocker, for the nomination of the Sunshine blog award.

The Shiva’s ponder for the Dragon loyalty award.

ChapeElement healing, Thoughts of a train wrecked pineapple, for the nomination of the One lovely blog award

Its good to be crazy sometimes for the nomination of the Epic Awesome blog award.

Memee’s musings, Life ExperimentAnnette’s placeThe Daily AtholianThe Lonely Tribalist for Versatile blog award

Life Experiment for Blogger recognition award.

Brew N Spew for the Creative blogger award.

There were some questions to go with these awards, but answering them would take quite a while since it’s tantamount to writing an autobiography which usually takes years, so, I will just share some random stuff about myself that I can think of.

  • I love vivid bright colours, but also the subtle ones. I have no favourites at all.
  • If I were an animal, I would probably be an Eagle. I would love to soar high, to go far and wide and see many places and things.
  • I am a happy person. I have my downtime moments, but they don’t last.
  • I consider myself a very loyal and faithful person.
  • I am a chocoholic! *Did I just admit that aloud?*
  • I watch Television very sparingly. I could go for days/weeks without touching it.
  • I refer to myself as ‘A child of the Sun.’

 Once again, thank you for your kind thoughts and my regards.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


31 thoughts on “The Things Hanging Around My Neck….

  1. Hey there! I appreciate this. Even though I am a new blogger, I am trying to maintain my focus, my purpose. So, while I sometimes participate in the Daily Prompts, it is only because it drives traffic to my real posts, which is why I blog. So I won’t be participating in the “chain letter” like awards. Not because I don’t want to be friendly, but it is easy to be distracted. I also don’t do it on Facebook either with the “If you agree, send it to 10 more people.” So, I’m glad you said it, although, you plan to participate on a measured basis, I opt out. I don’t know whether I will need to do a post to state this but certainly appreciated yours.

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    1. I totally understand where you are coming from. It does eat into one’s time and get’s easy to be distracted with doing one award post after the other, however, since I am very much a community minded person, I will do it this way for now. What you can do is to place a no awards sticker on your blog. A number of blogs have it. You might do a post, but a lot may forget over time.


  2. This was a creative way to handle having a lot of awards. 🙂 I have also considered being award free but it is a good networking tool for ourselves and those we nominate so I have beenputting it off as well. I always check out the blogs I see listed.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think this is an excellent way to go. Awards are very time consuming, by pooling them together you are still participating, supporting the community and freeing your time.


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